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damaging /'dæmidʤiɳ/
  • tính từ
    • hại, có hại, gây thiệt hại
Concise Dictionary
+the occurrence of a change for the worse
+loss of military equipment
+the act of damaging something or someone
+the amount of money needed to purchase something
+any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right
+inflict damage upon
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 harm, injury, hurt, impairment, mutilation, destruction, devastation:
Fortunately, there was little damage from the storm.
2 expense, price, cost; bill, invoice, US check:
At the restaurant, the damage came to $50.
3 damages. compensation, reparation, indemnity:
We won the suit and were awarded damages of $10,000 for defamation of character.
4 harm, hurt, injure; wound; mutilate, disfigure, mar, deface; wreck, ruin, spoil, impair:
Although the car was badly damaged, the passengers escaped unharmed. Will this news damage your chances of a promotion?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
~ (to sb/sth) causing damage; having a bad effect on sb/sth: damaging consequences / effects + Lead is potentially damaging to children's health.
Collocation Dictionary


be, prove | become


deeply, extremely, gravely, highly, immensely, profoundly, seriously, severely, very
This scandal could prove seriously damaging to the government.
| quite, rather | possibly, potentially | positively
These new measures will do nothing to raise school standards: they may be positively damaging.
| economically, environmentally, politically, psychologically
Building the proposed new road would be environmentally damaging.


Smoking is damaging to health.

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