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  • danh từ số nhiều
    • thuế đánh vào hàng nhập từ nước ngoài vào; thuế nhập khẩu
      • to pay customs on something: đóng thuế nhập khẩu cái gì
    • cơ quan chính phủ thu sắc thuế này; hải quan
      • The Customs have found heroin hidden in freight: Hải quan đã tìm ra hê rô in giấu trong lô hàng
      • customs officer: cán bộ hải quan
      • customs duty: thuế hải quan
      • customs formalities: thủ tục hải quan
      • a customs check/search: cuộc kiểm tra/khám xét của hải quan
      • how long does it take to get through customs?: làm thủ tục hải quan mất bao lâu?
Concise Dictionary
+accepted or habitual practice
+a specific practice of long standing
+money collected under a tariff
+habitual patronage
+made according to the specifications of an individual
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 practice, habit, usage, fashion, way, wont, tradition, routine, convention, form:
According to custom, the warriors of the tribe paint their bodies.
2 customs. toll, duty, impost, tax, excise, levy, dues, tariff:
He was assigned to collect customs and port duties.
3 patronage, support, business, trade:
The new butcher needs as much custom as possible.
4 specially, especially, expressly, exclusively, particularly; to order:
All her clothes are custom-made.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [pl.]
1 (usually Customs) (BrE also Customs and Excise) (AmE also US Customs Service) the government department that collects taxes on goods bought and sold and on goods brought into the country, and that checks what is brought in: The Customs have seized large quantities of smuggled heroin. + a customs officer
Help Note: AmE uses a singular verb with customs in this meaning.
2 the place at a port or an airport where your bags are checked as you come into a country: to go through customs and passport control
3 the taxes that must be paid to the government when goods are brought in from other countries: to pay customs on sth + customs duty / duties
Compare: EXCISE
Collocation Dictionary


French, UK, etc.


clear, go through
We cleared customs by five o'clock. You will have to declare these goods when you go through customs.
| wave sb through
We were waved through customs without a pause.


control/controls, regulations
the removal of European customs controls
| duty/duties
We had to pay customs duties on the beer.
| building, hall, post
the customs post on the border
| agent, man, officer, official, staff | authorities | formalities, procedures | declaration, document, documentation, form
We had to fill out customs forms on the plane.
| clearance
We were waiting for the goods to receive customs clearance.


at ~
We got stopped and searched at the Italian customs.
| through ~

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