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curtail /kə:'teil/
  • ngoại động từ
    • cắt, cắt bớt, rút ngắn
      • to curtail expenses: cắt bớt các khoản chi tiêu
      • to curtail a speech: rút ngắn bài nói
    • lấy đi, tước, cướp đi
      • to curtail someone of his privileges: tước đặc quyền của ai
Concise Dictionary
+place restrictions on
+terminate or abbreviate before its intended or proper end or its full extent

Thesaurus Dictionary
shorten, abbreviate, cut short, abridge, diminish, reduce, cut, cut back, cut down:
Both our working week and our salaries were curtailed.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[VN] (formal) to limit sth or make it last for a shorter time: Spending on books has been severely curtailed. + The lecture was curtailed by the fire alarm going off.
curtailment noun [U]: the curtailment of civil liberties
Collocation Dictionary


drastically, seriously, severely
His power has been severely curtailed.
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