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current /'kʌrənt/
  • danh từ
    • dòng (nước); luồng (gió, không khí); (điện học) dòng điện
      • direct current: dòng điện một chiều
      • alternative current: dòng điện xoay chiều
    • dòng, luồng, chiều, hướng (dư luận, tư tưởng...)
      • the current of time: dòng thời gian
      • the current of thought: luồng tư tưởng
    • against the current
      • ngược dòng
    • to breast the current
      • đi ngược dòng
    • to go with the current
      • đi theo dòng, đi xuôi dòng
  • tính từ
    • hiện hành, đang lưu hành
      • current money: tiền đang lưu hành
    • phổ biến, thịnh hành, thông dụng
      • current opinions: ý kiến (quan điểm) phổ biến
    • hiện thời, hiện nay, này
      • the current month: tháng này
      • the current issue: số (báo) kỳ này
    • to go (pass, run) current
      • được thừa nhận, được dư luận chung công nhận là đúng (là thật)
Concise Dictionary
+a flow of electricity through a conductor
+a steady flow (usually from natural causes)
+dominant course (suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas
+occurring in or belonging to the present time
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 contemporary, ongoing, present, contemporaneous, simultaneous, coeval:
The current issue of the magazine came out last week.
2 prevalent, prevailing, common, popular, accepted, known, widespread, reported, in circulation, going round or around, bruited about, widely known, in the air, present-day:
The current theories reject those of a decade ago.
3 fashionable, stylish, à la mode, modish, in vogue, latest, up to date, Colloq trendy:
The current trend is towards shorter skirts.
4 US up to date, in the know, informed, advised, in touch, aware, posted, au courant, au fait, on the qui vive:
The Financial Journal keeps me current on stock prices.
5 stream, flow, undercurrent:
The canoe was caught in the current and carried away.
6 course, progress, tendency, tenor, drift, trend, inclination, mainstream:
The current of public opinion is turning in favour of policies that are more environmentally responsible.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
1 [only before noun] happening now; of the present time: current prices + a budget for the current year + your current employer - ACTUAL
2 being used by or accepted by most people: words that are no longer current
+ noun
1 the movement of water in the sea or a river; the movement of air in a particular direction: He swam to the shore against a strong current. + Birds use warm air currents to help their flight.
2 the flow of electricity through a wire, etc: a 15 amp electrical current
See also - AC, DC
3 the fact of particular ideas, opinions or feelings being present in a group of people: Ministers are worried by this current of anti-government feeling.
Collocation Dictionary

1 continuous flowing movement of water


fast, fast-flowing, powerful, strong | dangerous, treacherous | ocean | prevailing
The prevailing current flows from east to west.
| off-shore | tidal


flow | carry sb/sth, sweep sb/sth
The strong current carried the boat downstream. She was swept away by the treacherous currents.


against a/the ~
He was swimming against the current.
| in a/the ~
The boat was carried along in the current.
| with a/the ~
It's easier to go with the current.

2 flow of air


warm | air
Birds of prey use warm air currents to lift them high in the sky.


a current of air

3 flow of electricity through a wire


strong, weak | electric, electrical | alternating | direct | input, output


generate, produce | carry, pass, transmit | switch off/on
Check all your wiring before switching on the current.


flow, pass through sth
Measure the current flowing in the wire.

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