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cry /krai/
  • danh từ
    • tiếng kêu, tiêng la, tiếng hò hét, tiếng hò reo (vì đau đớn, sợ, mừng rỡ...)
      • a cry for help: tiếng kêu cứu
      • a cry of triumph: tiếng hò reo chiến thắng
    • tiếng rao hàng ngoài phố
    • lời hô, lời kêu gọi
    • sự khóc, tiếng khóc
      • to have a good cry: khóc nức nở
    • dư luận quần chúng, tiếng nói quần chúng
    • tiếng chó sủa ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
      • with the hounds in full cry after it: có cả một lũ chó săn sủa ầm ĩ đuổi theo sau
    • a far cry
      • quãng cách xa; sự khác xa
    • the second translation of the book is a far cry from the first: bản dịch thứ hai của quyển sách khác xa bản thư nhất
    • to follow in the cry
      • ở trong một đám đông vô danh
    • in full cty
      • hò hét đuổi theo
    • hue and cry
      • (xem) hue
    • much cry and little wool
      • chuyện bé xé ra to
    • with cry of
      • trong tầm tai nghe được
  • động từ
    • kêu, gào, thét, la hét
    • khóc, khóc lóc
      • to cry bitter tears: khóc lóc thảm thiết
    • rao
      • to cry one's wares: rao hàng
    • to cry down
      • chê bai, làm giảm giá trị, làm mất thanh danh
    • to cry for
      • đòi, vòi
    • to cry for the moon: đòi ăn trứng trâu, gan trời
    • to cry off: không giữ lời, nuốt lời
    • to cry off from the bargain: đã mặc cả thoả thuận rồi lại nuốt lời
    • to cry out
      • thét
    • to cry up
      • tán dương
    • to cry halves
      • đòi chia phần
    • to cry mercy
      • xin dung thứ
    • to cry oneself to sleep
      • khóc tới khi ngủ thiếp đi
    • to cry one's heart out
      • (xem) heart
    • to cry out before one is hurt
      • chưa đánh đã khóc, chưa đụng đến đã la làng
    • to cry quits to cry shame upon somebody
      • chống lại ai, phản khán ai
    • to cry stinking fish
      • vạch áo cho người xem lưng, lạy ông tôi ở bụi này
    • to cry wolf
      • kêu cứu đùa, kêu cứu láo để đánh lừa mọi người
    • it is no use crying over spilt milk
      • (xem) spill
Concise Dictionary
+a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition
+a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)
+a slogan used to rally support for a cause
+a fit of weeping
+the characteristic utterance of an animal
+utter a sudden loud cry
+shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain
+utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy
+proclaim or announce in public
+demand immediate action
+utter a characteristic sound
+bring into a particular state by crying

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 weep, sob, wail, keen, bawl, shed tears:
Paul cried when they took his mother away.
2 whimper, snivel, pule, mewl, whine, moan, groan, fret, Colloq turn on the waterworks, Brit grizzle:
Don't cry over spilt milk.
3 cry out for. demand, need, call for, beg for, plead for:
Her hair is so untidy it cries out for trimming. Wanton murder cries out for vengeance.
4 scream, shriek, wail, howl, yowl:
I heard the mournful cries of those being tortured.
5 shout, whoop, yell, howl:
Uttering blood-curdling cries, the rebels attacked.
6 call, sound, note:
The noise was the cry of the lesser grebe to its mate.
7 war cry, battle-cry, slogan, watchword:
'Down with the king!' was the cry used to rally the rabble.
8 a far cry. a long way, quite a distance, remote, distant, not, not quite, very different (from):
This report is a far cry from what I had expected.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (cries, crying, cried, cried)
1 ~ (for sb/sth)
~ (about / over sth) to produce tears from your eyes because you are unhappy or hurt: [V] It's all right. Don't cry. + The baby was crying for (= because it wanted) its mother. + There's nothing to cry about. + He felt like crying with rage. + I just couldn't stop crying. + [VN] I found him crying his eyes out (= crying very much). + That night she cried herself to sleep. + The little boy fell over and started to cry. [also V speech]
2 ~ (for sth) to shout loudly: [V] She ran to the window and cried for help. + [V speech] 'You're safe!' Tom cried in delight. - SHOUT
3 [V] (of a bird or an animal) to make a loud harsh noise: Seagulls followed the boat, crying loudly.
Idioms: cry foul (informal) to complain that sb else has done sth wrong or unfair
cry over spilt milk (BrE) (AmE cry over spilled milk) to waste time worrying about sth that has happened that you cannot do anything about
cry wolf to call for help when you do not need it, with the result that when you do need it people do not believe you
for crying out loud (spoken, informal) used to show you are angry or surprised: For crying out loud! Why did you have to do that?
more at LAUGH v., SHOULDER n.
Phrasal Verbs: cry off (BrE) to say that you cannot do sth that you promised to do: She said she was coming to the party, but cried off at the last moment.
cry out to make a loud sound without words because you are hurt, afraid, surprised, etc: She tried to stop herself from crying out. + to cry out in fear / alarm / pain
cry out / cry out sth to shout sth loudly: She cried out for help. + She cried out his name. + [+ speech] 'Help!' he cried out.
cry out for sth (usually used in the progressive tenses) to need sth very much: The company is crying out for fresh new talent.
+ noun (plural cries)
1 [C] a loud sound without words that expresses a strong feeling: to give a cry of anguish / despair / relief / surprise / terror
2 [C] a loud shout: With a cry of 'Stop thief!' he ran after the boy. + Her answer was greeted with cries of outrage.
3 [C] the sound made by a bird or an animal: the cry of gulls circling overhead
4 [sing.] an action or a period of crying: I felt a lot better after a good long cry.
5 [C] (for sth) an urgent demand or request for sth: Her suicide attempt was really a cry for help.
6 [C] (especially in compounds) a word or phrase that expresses a group's beliefs and calls people to action: a battle cry + His speech attacking the government has proved a rallying cry for party dissidents.
Idioms: in full cry talking or shouting loudly and in an enthusiastic way: The Leeds supporters were in full cry.
more at FAR adj., HUE
To cry is the most general word for producing tears when you are unhappy or hurt, or when you are extremely happy.
To sob means to cry noisily, taking sudden, sharp breaths.
To wail means to cry in a loud high voice.
To whimper means to cry making low, weak noises.
To weep (literary or formal) means to cry quietly for a long time.
To blubber (informal) means to cry noisily, especially in an annoying way.
All these verbs can be used like 'say': 'I don't want you to go,' she cried/wailed/sobbed.
To be in tears means to be crying.
To burst into tears means to suddenly begin to cry.
To cry your eyes out means to cry a lot or for a long time, because you are very sad.
Collocation Dictionary

1 shout/loud noise


great, loud | little, low, small | choked/choking, muffled, stifled, strangled | piercing, shrill | hoarse
the hoarse cry of a crow
| agonized, anguished, bitter, despairing, desperate, plaintive, terrible | startled | involuntary | battle, rallying, war, warning | animal, bird


give, let out, raise, utter
She gave an agonized cry as they lifted the fallen branch from her leg. He was too weak to raise even the smallest of cries.
| hear


go up
A cry went up when it was discovered their man had escaped.
| escape
An involuntary cry escaped her as he entered the room.


with a ~
He fell to the ground with a cry.
| ~ for
(figurative) Her suicide attempt was really a desperate cry for help.
| ~ of
a cry of despair/delight

More information about SOUND


give a ~
The dog gave a low growl.

let out a ~
He let out a blood-curdling scream.

hear ~
We heard the peal of church bells.

with a ~
The vase fell to the ground with a great crash.

~ of
a roar of laughtera snort of derisionthe whine of an engine

2 act of crying


good | little


You'll feel better when you've had a good cry.

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