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crumble /'krʌmbl/
  • nội động từ
    • vỡ vụn, đổ nát, bở
      • crumbling rocks: những hòn bi đá vỡ vụn
    • (nghĩa bóng) sụp đổ, tan ra mây khói
      • a great empire crumbled: một đế quốc lớn sụp đổ
      • hope crumbles: hy vọng tan ra mây khói
  • ngoại động từ
    • bẻ vụn, bóp vụn, đập vụn
      • to crumble one's bread: bẻ vụn bánh mì
Concise Dictionary
+fall apart
+break or fall apart into fragments
+fall into decay or ruin

Thesaurus Dictionary
disintegrate, fragment, break apart, break up, shiver, come to pieces:
Acid rain has caused the stone façade to crumble. In the face of the attack, his resolve crumbled.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
1 to break or break sth into very small pieces: [V] Rice flour makes the cake less likely to crumble. + [VN] Crumble the cheese over the salad.
2 [V] if a building or piece of land is crumbling, parts of it are breaking off: buildings crumbling into dust + crumbling stonework + The cliff is gradually crumbling away. + They live in a crumbling old mansion.
3 [V] ~ (into / to sth)
~ (away) to begin to fail or get weaker or to come to an end: a crumbling business / relationship + All his hopes began to crumble away. + The empire finally crumbled into dust.
Idioms see WAY n.
+ noun [U, C] (BrE) a DESSERT (= a sweet dish) made from fruit that is covered with a rough mixture of flour, butter and sugar, cooked in the oven and usually served hot: apple crumble and custard

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