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creative /kri:'eitiv/
  • tính từ
    • sáng tạo
      • creative power: sức sáng tạo
Concise Dictionary
+having the ability or power to create
+promoting construction or creation

Thesaurus Dictionary
imaginative, inventive, originative, artistic, original, ingenious, resourceful:
A truly creative artist seldom lacks for inspiration.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 [only before noun] involving the use of skill and the imagination to produce sth new or a work of art: a course on creative writing (= writing stories, plays and poems) + the creative and performing arts + creative thinking (= thinking about problems in a new way or thinking of new ideas) + the company's creative team + the creative process
2 having the skill and ability to produce sth new, especially a work of art; showing this ability: She's very creative-she writes poetry and paints. + Do you have any ideas? You're the creative one.
creatively adverb
creativity noun [U]: Creativity and originality are more important than technical skill.
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel
I don't always feel creative.
| become


highly, really, very
a highly creative artist
| genuinely, truly
genuinely creative thinking

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