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crab /kræb/
  • danh từ
    • quả táo dại ((cũng) crab apple); cây táo dại ((cũng) crab tree)
    • người hay gắt gỏng, người hay càu nhàu
    • con cua
    • can rận ((cũng) crab louse)
    • (kỹ thuật) cái tời
    • (số nhiều) hai số một (chơi súc sắc); (nghĩa bóng) sự thất bại
    • động từ
      • cào xé (bằng móng); vồ, quắp (chim ưng)
      • công kích chê bai, chỉ trích (ai)
    Concise Dictionary
    +decapod having eyes on short stalks and a broad flattened carapace with a small abdomen folded under the thorax and pincers
    +a quarrelsome grouch
    +(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer
    +the fourth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about June 21 to July 22
    +the edible flesh of any of various crabs
    +infests the pubic region of the human body
    +a stroke of the oar that either misses the water or digs too deeply
    +direct (an aircraft) into a crosswind
    +scurry sideways like a crab
    +fish for crab

    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    1 [C] a sea creature with a hard shell, eight legs and two PINCERS (= curved and pointed limbs for catching and holding things). Crabs move sideways on land.
    See also - HERMIT CRAB
    2 [U] meat from a crab, used for food: dressed crab
    3 (crabs) (informal) the condition caused by having LICE (called crab lice) in the hair around the GENITALS

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