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courtesy /'kə:tisi/
  • danh từ
    • sự lịch sự, sự nhã nhặn
    • tác phong lịch sự, tác phong nhã nhặn
    • by courtesy
      • do ưu đãi mà được, nhờ ơn riêng; do sự giúp đỡ
    • to pay a courtesy visit to someone
      • đến thăm xã giao người nào
Concise Dictionary
+a courteous or respectful or considerate act
+a courteous or respectful or considerate remark
+a courteous manner

Thesaurus Dictionary
politeness, elegance, courtliness, politesse, courteousness, respect, respectfulness, good manners, formality, civility, ceremony:
I much appreciated the courtesy with which they treated me.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, adjective
+ noun (plural courtesies)
1 [U] polite behaviour that shows respect for other people: I was treated with the utmost courtesy by the staff. + We asked them, as a matter of courtesy, if we could photograph their house. + It's only common courtesy to tell the neighbours that we'll be having a party (= the sort of behaviour that people would expect).
2 [C, usually pl.] (formal) a polite thing that you say or do when you meet people in formal situations: an exchange of courtesies before the meeting
Idioms: courtesy of sb/sth
1 (also by courtesy of sb/sth) with the official permission of sb/sth and as a favour: The pictures have been reproduced by courtesy of the British Museum.
2 given as a prize or provided free by a person or an organization: Win a weekend in Rome, courtesy of Fiat.
3 as the result of a particular thing or situation: Viewers can see the stadium from the air, courtesy of a camera fastened to the plane.
do sb the courtesy of doing sth to be polite by doing the thing that is mentioned: Please do me the courtesy of listening to what I'm saying.
have the courtesy to do sth to know when you should do sth in order to be polite: You think he'd at least have the courtesy to call to say he'd be late.
+ adjective [only before noun] (of a bus, car, etc.) provided free, at no cost to the person using it: A courtesy bus operates between the hotel and the town centre. + The dealer will provide you with a courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired.
Collocation Dictionary


great, unfailing, utmost | common
It's common courtesy to warn your neighbours if your children are going to have a party.
| exaggerated
He apologized with exaggerated courtesy.


do sb, have, show, treat sb with
She might have done me the courtesy of replying to my letter. You could at least have had the courtesy to let me know.


with ~
He listened to all the complaints with great courtesy.
| ~ to
her unfailing courtesy to everyone


a matter of courtesy
It's a matter of courtesy to write and thank people after a party.

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