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coupling /'kʌpliɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự nối; sự hợp lại
    • vật nối, móc nối; chỗ nối (toa xe lửa, các bộ phận trong mây)
    • (điện học) sự mắc, sự nối, cách mắc
Concise Dictionary
+a small indefinite number
+a pair of people who live together
+a pair who associate with one another
+two items of the same kind
+(physics) something joined by two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines
+bring two objects, ideas, or people together
+link together
+form a pair or pairs
+make love

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 pair, duo, twosome; brace, span, yoke, team:
They certainly make a nice couple.
2 a couple of. a few, several, a handful (of), one or two, three or four:
I'll be with you in a couple of minutes.
3 join, link, yoke, combine, unite, match up, connect:
The two carriages are easily coupled together.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [usually sing.] an action of joining or combining two things: a coupling of Mozart's Prague Symphony and Schubert's Unfinished Symphony (= for example, on the same CD)
2 (formal) an act of having sex: illicit couplings
3 (technical) a thing that joins together two parts of sth, two vehicles or two pieces of equipment

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