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couple /'kʌpl/
  • danh từ
    • đôi, cặp
      • a couple of girls: đôi bạn gái
    • đôi vợ chồng; cặp nam nữ (đã lấy nhau hoặc đã đính hôn); cặp nam nữ nhảy quốc tế
      • a married couple: đôi vợ chồng (đã cưới)
      • a courting couple: đôi vợ chồng chưa cưới, đôi trai giá đang tìm hiểu
    • dây xích cặp (buộc liền một cặp chó săn)
    • cặp chó săn
    • (cơ khí) ngẫu lực
    • (điện học) cặp
      • thermoelectric couple: cặp nhiệt điện
    • to hunt (go, run) in couples
      • không lúc nào rời nhau, lúc nào cũng cặp kè bên nhau
  • ngoại động từ
    • buộc thành cặp, ghép thành cặp, kết đôi
    • nối hợp lại, ghép lại
      • to couple two railway carriages: nối hai toa xe lửa
    • cho cưới, cho lấy nhau
    • gắn liền, liên tưởng
      • to couple the name of Lenin with the October Revolution: gắn liền Le-nin với cuộc cách mạng tháng mười
    • (điện học) mắc, nối
    • nội động từ
      • lấy nhau, cưới nhau (người)
      • giao cấu (loài vật)
    Concise Dictionary
    +a small indefinite number
    +a pair of people who live together
    +a pair who associate with one another
    +two items of the same kind
    +(physics) something joined by two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines
    +bring two objects, ideas, or people together
    +link together
    +form a pair or pairs
    +make love

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 pair, duo, twosome; brace, span, yoke, team:
    They certainly make a nice couple.
    2 a couple of. a few, several, a handful (of), one or two, three or four:
    I'll be with you in a couple of minutes.
    3 join, link, yoke, combine, unite, match up, connect:
    The two carriages are easily coupled together.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [sing.+sing./pl. v.] ~ (of sth) two people or things: I saw a couple of men get out.
    Help Note: In BrE a plural verb is usually used in all 3 senses.
    2 [sing.+sing./pl. v.] ~ (of sth) a small number of people or things
    Synonym: A FEW
    a couple of minutes + We went there a couple of years ago. + I've seen her a couple of times before. + I'll be with you in a minute. There are a couple of things I have to do first. + There are a couple more files to read first. + We can do it in the next couple of weeks. + The last couple of years have been difficult.
    3 [C+sing./pl. v.] two people who are seen together, especially if they are married or in a romantic or sexual relationship: married couples + a young / an elderly couple + Several couples were on the dance floor. + The couple was / were married in 1976.
    Idioms see SHAKE n.
    a couple pronoun: Do you need any more glasses? I've got a couple I can lend you.
    couple determiner (AmE): It's only a couple blocks away.
    + verb
    1 [VN] [usually passive] ~ A (to B)
    ~ A and B together to join together two parts of sth, for example two vehicles or pieces of equipment: The two train cars had been coupled together. + CDTV uses a CD-ROM system that is coupled to a powerful computer.
    2 [V] (formal) (of two people or animals) to have sex
    Phrasal Verbs: couple sb/sth with sb/sth [usually passive] to link one thing, situation, etc. to another: Overproduction, coupled with falling sales, has led to huge losses for the company.
    Collocation Dictionary


    beautiful, handsome, lovely | elderly, middle-aged, retired, teenage, young | bridal, honeymoon, married, newly-married, newly-wed
    The bridal couple stood up for the first dance. The hotel was full of honeymoon couples.
    | cohabiting, unmarried | heterosexual | gay, homosexual, lesbian, same-sex | childless, infertile
    childless couples seeking to adopt


    They make a beautiful couple.


    the happy couple
    (= the bride and groom)We stood and drank a toast to the happy couple.

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