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corridor /'kɔridɔ:/
  • danh từ
    • hành lang (nhà, toa xe lửa)
    • (chính trị) đường hành lang (chạy qua địa phận của một nước khác để thông ra biển)
    • corridor train
      • xe lửa có hành lang thông từ đầu đến cuối)
Concise Dictionary
+an enclosed passageway; rooms usually open onto it
Thesaurus Dictionary
hall, hallway, passage, passageway:
We met in the corridor outside my room.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (AmE also hallway) a long narrow passage in a building or train, with doors that open into rooms on either side: Go along the corridor, turn left, and you'll see his office in front of you.
2 a long narrow strip of land belonging to one country that passes through the land of another country: the Polish corridor
Idioms: the corridors of power (sometimes humorous) the higher levels of government, where important decisions are made
Collocation Dictionary


endless, long | short | broad, wide | narrow | labyrinthine
the labyrinthine corridors of the ministry building
| brightly-lit | badly-lit, dark, darkened, dim, gloomy, ill-lit | chilly, dank, draughty | bare, blank, featureless | deserted, empty | carpeted, lino-covered, marble-floored, stone, stone-flagged, tiled | picture-lined | white-walled, etc. | hospital, hotel, school | access | land, peace
(both figurative) UN troops will secure the land corridor so that food supplies can reach the trapped civilians.


Portraits line the corridors of the palace.


Narrow corridors lead off from the main hallway.
| run along/down sth
The corridor runs down the middle of the building.
| link sth
The corridor links the old part of the hospital with the new.




along a/the ~, at/to the end of a/the ~, down a/the ~
The office is just down the corridor on the left.
| in a/the ~
I put my head down as I passed him in the corridor.


the corridors of power
(figurative) She was a minister with considerable influence in the corridors of power.
| a labyrinth/maze of corridors
She led us through a maze of hotel corridors to our room.

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