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  • (Tech) tọa độ (d); điều hợp, phối hợp (đ)
Concise Dictionary
+a number that identifies a position relative to an axis
+bring order and organization to
+bring into common action, movement, or condition
+be co-ordinated
+bring (components or parts) into proper or desirable coordination correlation
+of equal importance, rank, or degree
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 organize, classify, order, arrange, systemize, systematize, codify, categorize, group, match (up), dispose, rate, rank, grade:
Coordinate the information before preparing the report.
2 harmonize, correlate, unify, mesh, synchronize, integrate, Colloq pull together:
We must coordinate our efforts for the best results.
3 equivalent, parallel, correspondent, complementary, correlative, equal, reciprocal, coordinating, coordinative, Technical paratactic:
The two systems are coordinate and operate in parallel.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE also co-ordinate) verb, noun
+ verb
1 [VN] to organize the different parts of an activity and the people involved in it so that it works well: They appointed a new manager to coordinate the work of the team. + We need to develop a coordinated approach to the problem.
2 [VN] to make the different parts of your body work well together
3 ~ (sth) (with sth) if you coordinate clothes, fabrics, etc. or if they coordinate, they look nice together: [V] This shade coordinates with a wide range of other colours. [also VN]
coordinator (BrE also co-ordinator) noun: The campaign needs an effective coordinator.
+ noun
1 [C] either of two numbers or letters used to fix the position of a point on a map or GRAPH: the x, y coordinates of any point on a line
2 (coordinates) [pl.] (used in shops / stores etc.) pieces of clothing that can be worn together because, for example, the colours look good together
Collocation Dictionary


a carefully coordinated policy


We try to coordinate our activities with those of other groups.


a coordinated approach/policy/programme

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