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Concise Dictionary
+work together on a common enterprise of project
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 collaborate, work together, join, unite, interact, team up, join forces, act jointly or in concert:
If we cooperate, the work will be done in half the time.
2 participate, contribute, lend a hand, help, assist:
You must learn to cooperate and not just sit there.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE also co-operate) on sth)
1 to work together with sb else in order to achieve sth: The two groups agreed to cooperate with each other. + They had cooperated closely in the planning of the project.
2 to be helpful by doing what sb asks you to do: Their captors told them they would be killed unless they cooperated.
Collocation Dictionary


He has said he will cooperate fully with the police enquiries.
| closely


will/would | agree to, be prepared to, be willing to | refuse to


The two companies are cooperating in the development of a new engine.
| on
cooperating on a research project
| with
The firm has agreed to cooperate with the employment survey.

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