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contribution /,kɔntri'bju:ʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự đóng góp, sự góp phần; phần đóng góp, phần gánh vác
      • to lay under contribution: bắt đóng góp
      • to pay one's contribution: trả phần góp của mình, trả hội phí
    • vật đóng góp
    • bài báo
      • contribution to a newspaper: bài viết cho một tờ báo
    • (quân sự) đảm phụ quốc phòng
Concise Dictionary
+any one of a number of individual efforts in a common endeavor
+a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause
+act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity
+an amount of money contributed
+a writing for publication especially one of a collection of writings as an article or story

Advanced English Dictionary
doing sth)
1 [C] a sum of money that is given to a person or an organization in order to help pay for sth: to make a major / substantial contribution to charity + All contributions will be gratefully received. + valuable contributions towards the upkeep of the cathedral
2 [C] a sum of money that you pay regularly to your employer or the government in order to pay for benefits such as health insurance, a PENSION, etc: You can increase your monthly contributions to the pension scheme. + National Insurance contributions
3 [C, usually sing.] an action or a service that helps to cause or increase sth: He made a very positive contribution to the overall success of the project. + These measures would make a valuable contribution towards reducing industrial accidents. + a significant contribution to scientific knowledge + the car's contribution to the greenhouse effect
4 [C] an item that forms part of a book, magazine, broadcast, discussion, etc: an important contribution to the debate + All contributions for the May issue must be received by Friday.
5 [U] the act of giving sth, especially money, to help a person or an organization: We rely entirely on voluntary contribution.
Collocation Dictionary

1 sth that helps cause/increase sth


important, significant | big, enormous, great, huge, major, strong, substantial | minor, modest, small | invaluable, positive, useful, valuable
We like to think that we are making a positive contribution to society.
| notable, outstanding


He made a major contribution to peace in the region.


~ to
a valuable contribution to science

2 money given to help pay for sth


generous, large | small | voluntary
We rely entirely on voluntary contributions.


make, offer, pay


~ to/towards
I'd like to make a small contribution to the cost of the holiday.

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