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contrast /'kɔntræst/
  • danh từ (+ between)
    • sự tương phản, sự trái ngược (giữa)
      • the contrast between light and shade: sự tương phản giữa ánh sáng và bóng tối
      • to put colours in contrast: để cho màu sắc tương phản nhau, để cho màu sắc đối chọi nhau
    • (+ to) cái tương phản (với)
    • động từ
      • làm tương phản, làm trái ngược; đối chiếu để làm nổi bật những điểm khác nhau; tương phản nhau, trái ngược hẳn
        • thesee two colours contrast very well: hai màu này tương phản với nhau rất nổ
        • his actions contrast with his words: hành động của của hắn trái ngược với lời nói của hắn
    Concise Dictionary
    +the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared
    +the act of distinguishing by comparing differences
    +a conceptual separation or distinction
    +the perceptual effect of the juxtaposition of very different colors
    +the range of optical density and tone on a photographic negative or print (or the extent to which adjacent areas on a television screen differ in brightness)
    +put in opposition to show or emphasize differences
    +to show differences when compared; be different

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 juxtapose, oppose, compare, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, set or place against; set off:
    Contrast life in the 18th century with life today.
    2 conflict, differ or diverge or deviate (from):
    The two styles contrast sharply. Australian speech contrasts with that of Canada in many respects.
    3 comparison; difference, distinction, disparity, dissimilarity:
    The author emphasizes the contrasts between the two economic policies.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [C, U] ~ (between A and B)
    ~ (to / with sb/sth) a difference between two or more people or things that you can see clearly when they are compared or put close together; the fact of comparing two or more things in order to show the differences between them: There is an obvious contrast between the cultures of East and West. + The company lost $7 million this quarter in contrast to a profit of $6.2 million a year earlier. + When you look at their new system, ours seems very old-fashioned by contrast. + The situation when we arrived was in marked contrast to the news reports. + to show a sharp / stark / striking contrast with sth + The poverty of her childhood stands in total contrast to her life in Hollywood. + A wool jacket complements the silk trousers and provides an interesting contrast in texture. + Careful contrast of the two plans shows some important differences.
    2 [C] ~ (to sb/sth) a person or thing that is clearly different from sb/sth else: The work you did today is quite a contrast to (= very much better / worse than) what you did last week.
    3 [U] differences in colour or in light and dark, used in photographs and paintings to create a special effect: The artist's use of contrast is masterly.
    4 [U] the amount of difference between light and dark in a picture on a television screen: Use this button to adjust the contrast.
    + verb
    1 [VN] ~ (A and / with B) to compare two things in order to show the differences between them: It is interesting to contrast the British legal system with the American one. + The poem contrasts youth and age. + Compare and contrast the two novels.
    2 [V] ~ (with sth) to show a clear difference when close together or when compared: Her actions contrasted sharply with her promises. + Her actions and her promises contrasted sharply.
    Collocation Dictionary


    clear, marked, sharp, stark, startling, striking, strong
    There is a stark contrast between the lives of the rich and those of the poor.
    | complete, direct


    make, offer, provide
    The fresh fruit provides a contrast to the rich chocolate pudding.


    by ~
    When you look at their new system, ours seems very old-fashioned by contrast.
    | in ~ (to/with)
    The company lost $13 million this year, in contrast with a profit of $15 million last year.
    | ~ between, ~ in
    The contrast in appearance between the sisters was striking.
    | ~ to
    This busy social life was a complete contrast to his old quiet life.


    stand in … contrast to sb/sth
    Their attitudes towards love and marriage stand in stark contrast to those of their parents.


    1 compare things in order to show differences


    favourably, unfavourably
    He contrasted her brashness unfavourably with his mother's gentleness.




    compare and contrast
    Compare and contrast the two main characters in the play.

    2 be clearly different


    markedly, sharply, starkly, strikingly, strongly, vividly | nicely | oddly | favourably, unfavourably
    The open approach contrasts favourably with the exclusivity of some universities.


    This statement contrasts starkly with his previous statements.

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