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contract /'kɔntrækt/
  • danh từ
    • hợp đồng, giao kèo, khế ước, giấy ký kết
      • marriage contract: giấy giá thú
      • to bind oneself by contract: cam kết bằng hợp đồng
      • a contract for a supply of coal: hợp đồng cung cấp than
    • sự ký hợp đồng, sự ký giao kèo, việc bỏ thầu, việc đấu giá
      • to make (enter into) a contract with: ký hợp đồng với
      • to put up to contract: cho bỏ thầu, cho đấu giá
      • the contract for a bridge: việc bỏ thầu xây một cái cầu
      • to put work out to contract: cho thầu một công việc
      • to place (give out) the contract for an undertaking: ký hợp đồng để cho ai thầu một công việc
      • to get (win, secure) a contract for something: thầu được một công việc gì
  • ngoại động từ
    • đính ước, giao ước, kết giao
      • to contract a friendship: kết bạn
    • nhiễm, mắc, tiêm nhiễm
      • to contract bad habits: nhiễm thói xấu
      • to contract debts: mắc nợ
      • to contract a serious illeness: mắc bệnh nặng
    • ký giao kèo, thầu (làm việc gì)
      • to contract to build a bridge: thầu xây dựng một cái cầu
  • nội động từ
    • ký giao kèo, ky hợp đồng, thầu
      • to contract for a supply of something: thầu cung cấp cái gì
    • to contract oneself out of
      • thoả thuận trước mà tránh, thoả thuận trước mà miễn (việc gì)
  • động từ
    • thu nhỏ lại, co lại, rút lại, chụm lại, teo lại
      • to contract a muscle: làm co bắp cơ
      • to contract the heart: làm co bóp trái tim
    • (nghĩa bóng) làm đau lòng
      • his intellect seems to contract: (nghĩa bóng) trí thông minh của anh ấy dường như là co hẹp lại (cùn gỉ đi)
    • (ngôn ngữ học) rút gọn
      • contract ed word: từ rút gọn (ví dụ can't thay cho cannot)
Concise Dictionary
+a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
+(contract bridge) the highest bid becomes the contract setting the number of tricks that the bidder must make
+a variety of bridge in which the bidder receives points toward game only for the number of tricks he bid
+enter into a contractual arrangement
+engage by written agreement
+squeeze or press together
+become smaller or draw together
+be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness
+make smaller
+compress or concentrate
+make or become more narrow or restricted
+reduce in scope while retaining essential elements

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 agreement, understanding, deal, bargain, arrangement, pact, commitment, obligation, compact:
We have just signed a contract to supply office equipment to a new electronics company.
2 engage, agree, promise, covenant, undertake:
Our company contracted to maintain the roads in this area.
3 catch, acquire, get, come down with, develop, become infected with, Brit go down with:
Eunice contracted diphtheria.
4 diminish, shrink, draw together, roll (oneself), narrow, squeeze, constrict, compress, condense, decrease, reduce:
When disturbed, the animal contracts itself into a ball.
5 wrinkle, knit, crease, corrugate, pucker:
His brow contracted into a frown.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 ~ (with sb)
~ (between A and B)
~ (for sth / to do sth) an official written agreement: to enter into / make / sign a contract with the supplier + a contract for the supply of vehicles + to win / be awarded a contract to build a new school + These clauses form part of the contract between buyer and seller. + a contract of employment + a research contract + a contract worker (= one employed on a contract for a fixed period of time) + I was on a three-year contract that expired last week. + Under the terms of the contract the job should have been finished yesterday. + She is under contract to (= has a contract to work for) a major American computer firm. + The offer has been accepted, subject to contract (= the agreement is not legally binding before contracts are signed). + They were sued for breach of contract (= not keeping to a contract).
2 ~ (on sb) (informal) an agreement to kill sb for money: to take out a contract on sb
+ verb
1 to become less or smaller; to make sth become less or smaller: [V] Glass contracts as it cools. + The universe is expanding rather than contracting. + a contracting market + The heart muscles contract to expel the blood. + [VN] 'I will' and 'I shall' are usually contracted to 'I'll' (= made shorter). + The exercise consists of stretching and contracting the leg muscles.
Antonym: EXPAND
2 [VN] (written) to get an illness: to contract Aids / a virus / a disease
3 ~ sb (to sth) to make a legal agreement with sb for them to work for you or provide you with a service: [VN to inf] The player is contracted to play until August. + [VN] Several computer engineers have been contracted to the finance department.
4 [V to inf] to make a legal agreement to work for sb or provide them with a service: She has contracted to work 20 hours a week.
5 [VN] ~ a marriage / an alliance (with sb) (formal) to formally agree to marry sb/form an ALLIANCE with sb
Phrasal Verbs: contract in (to sth) (BrE) to formally agree that you will take part in sth
contract out (of sth) (BrE) to formally agree that you will not take part in sth: Many employees contracted out of the pension plan.
contract sth<->out (to sb) to arrange for work to be done by another company rather than your own
Collocation Dictionary

1 written agreement


long-term, permanent | casual, fixed-term, short-term | three-year, two-year, etc. | formal, written | verbal | legal, valid | void
The contract was declared void.
| enforceable, unenforceable
| big, important, major | lucrative | business, commercial | employment, maintenance, research, service | catering, construction, haulage | marriage


Many workers do not have written contracts.
| bid for, tender for
Eighteen companies are bidding for the contract.
| award (sb), give sb | get, win | lose
The firm lost the contract to a large London company.
| negotiate
She managed to negotiate a permanent contract with the firm.
| draw up, write | conclude, enter into, make, sign
He entered into a contract with his former employer.
| carry out, execute
the firm carrying out the construction contract
| cancel, end, repudiate
Either party can terminate the contract at any time.
| be subject to
The offer has been accepted, subject to contract (= the agreement is not legally binding before contracts are signed).
| be in breach of, break, violate
If you go on strike you will be in breach of contract.
| enforce
| exchange
(law) When a house is auctioned the successful bidder must exchange contracts immediately and pay a deposit.


The contract expires at the end of next year.
| be worth sth
a series of major contracts worth millions of pounds


(= one on a fixed-term contract)
| law


in a/the ~
They put a clause in the contract stipulating that the work should be finished by next month.
| on a ~
He's on a three-year fixed-term contract.
| under ~ (to)
At that stage of her career she was still under contract to one of the big Hollywood studios.
| under a/the ~
Under her contract of employment, Mrs Lee could not be required to work at a different site.
| ~ between
the contract between the employer and the employee
| ~ for
They won a contract for the delivery of five fighter planes.
| ~ with
Do you have a contract with your employer?


(a) breach of contract
The company is being sued for breach of contract.
| a contract of employment/sale
You should make sure that you have a formal contract of employment.
| the terms of a contract
By using cheaper materials, the company has broken the terms of its contract.
| under the terms of a contract
Under the terms of the contract the job should have been finished yesterday.

2 agreement to kill sb


take out | have out
He has a contract out on you.


killer, killing


~ on
She took out a contract on her ex-husband.

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