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contemporary /kən'tempərəri/ (co-temporary) /kən'tempərəri/
  • temporary)
  • tính từ
    • đương thời
    • cùng thời; cùng tuổi (người); xuất bản cùng thời (báo chí)
    • hiện đại (lịch sử)
    • danh từ
      • người cùng thời; người cùng tuổi
      • bạn đồng nghiệp (báo chí)
        • some of our contemporaries have published the news: một vài bạn đồng nghiệp của tôi đã đăng tin đó
    Concise Dictionary
    +a person of nearly the same age as another
    +characteristic of the present
    +belonging to the present time
    +occurring in the same period of time

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 of the time, contemporaneous, coeval, coexistent, concurrent, concomitant, parallel, synchronous, synchronic, coincidental, coetaneous:
    We examined some of the documents contemporary with his reign.
    2 modern, current, present-day, new, up to date, stylish, fashionable, modish, à la mode, latest, in; novel, newfangled, Colloq trendy:
    She always keeps up with contemporary fads in dress and make-up. I find much of the contemporary metal-and-glass architecture rather boring.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, noun
    + adjective
    1 ~ (with sb/sth) belonging to the same time: We have no contemporary account of the battle (= written near the time that it happened). + He was contemporary with the dramatist Congreve.
    2 belonging to the present time
    Synonym: MODERN
    life in contemporary Britain + contemporary fiction / music / dance
    + noun (plural contemporaries) a person who lives or lived at the same time as sb else, especially sb who is about the same age: She and I were contemporaries at college. + He was a contemporary of Freud and may have known him. + Give or take a few years, they are contemporaries.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 belonging to the same time as sb/sth else




    She used only strictly contemporary documents to research the book.
    | almost, nearly | broadly, roughly
    a period broadly contemporary with the Shang dynasty


    a composer contemporary with Beethoven

    2 modern




    His work is very contemporary.

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