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considering /kən'sidəriɳ/
  • giới từ
    • vì rằng, thấy rằng, xét rằng
      • it was not so bad considering it was his first attempt: cái đó cũng không đến nỗi quá tồi, xét vì đó là lần thử đầu tiên của anh ta
    • xét cho kỹ, xét cho đến cùng
      • you were pretty lucky considering: xét cho đến cùng thì anh ta cũng khá may mắn thật
Concise Dictionary
con'sid·er·ing || -rɪŋ
prep. taking into account; in light of
adv. taking everything into account
conj. taking into account; in light of
+deem to be
+give careful consideration to
+take into consideration for exemplifying purposes
+show consideration for; take into account
+think about carefully; weigh
+judge or regard; look upon; judge
+look at attentively
+look at carefully; study mentally
+regard or treat with consideration, respect, and esteem

Thesaurus Dictionary
in view of, in (the) light of, bearing in mind, making allowance for, taking into consideration or account, looking at, all in all, all things or everything considered, inasmuch as, insomuch as:
Considering your background, I doubt that you are qualified.
Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, conjunction
used to show that you are thinking about a particular fact, and are influenced by it, when you make a statement about sth: She's very active, considering her age. + Considering he's only just started, he knows quite a lot about it. + You've done very well, considering (= in the difficult circumstances).

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