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consequence /'kɔnsikwəns/
  • danh từ
    • hậu quả, kết quả
      • to take the consequence of something: chịu hậu quả của việc gì
      • in consequence of: do kết quả của
    • (toán học) hệ quả
    • tầm quan trọng, tính trọng đại
      • it's of no consequence: cái đó không có gì quan trọng; cái đó chả thành vấn đề
      • a person of consequence: người tai mắt, người có vai vế, người có địa vị cao
    • by way of consequences; in consequences
      • vì thế, vậy thì, như vậy thì
Concise Dictionary
+a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
+the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual
+having important effects or influence

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C, often pl.] ~ (for sb/sth) a result of sth that has happened: This decision could have serious consequences for the future of the industry. + Two hundred people lost their jobs as a direct consequence of the merger. + He drove too fast with tragic consequences. + to suffer / face / take the consequences of your actions + Have you considered the possible consequences?
2 [U] (formal) importance: Don't worry. It's of no consequence. + people of some consequence in the art world
Idioms: in consequence (of sth) (formal) as a result of sth: The child was born deformed in consequence of an injury to its mother. + It had been a humiliating day for Flora and she bore the director a grudge in consequence.
Collocation Dictionary


full | far-reaching, important, profound | adverse, bad, catastrophic, damaging, dangerous, devastating, dire, disastrous, fatal, harmful, negative, serious, severe, terrible, tragic, unfortunate, unpleasant | beneficial, good, positive | major, main | direct, immediate | indirect | inevitable, necessary | likely, possible, potential | logical, natural | long-term, short-term | unintended | ecological, economic, electoral, environmental, financial, legal, physical, political, social
to face up to the physical consequences of ageing


have, lead to
The practice had far-reaching environmental consequences.
| accept, bear, face (up to), suffer, take
You must accept the full consequences of your behaviour.


arise, ensue, follow
the important electoral consequences that will follow from this decision


as a ~
Hundreds of people lost their jobs as a direct consequence of the merger.
| in ~ (of)
(formal) The child was born deformed in consequence of an injury to its mother.
| ~ for
This could have serious consequences for the economy.

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