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consent /kən'sent/
  • danh từ
    • sự đồng ý, sự ưng thuận, sự bằng lòng, sự thoả thuận; sự tán thành)
      • by greneral (common) consent: do sự ưng thuận chung, được toàn thể nhất trí tán thành
      • by mutual consent: do hai bên bằng lòng
      • with one consent: được toàn thể tán thành
      • to carry the consent of somebody: được sự tán thành của ai
    • age of consent
      • tuổi kết hôn, tuổi cập kê
    • silence gives consent
      • (xem) silence
  • nội động từ
    • đồng ý, ưng thuận, thoả thuận; tán thành
      • to consent to a plan: tán thành một kế hoạch
Concise Dictionary
+permission to do something
+give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 agree, comply, concur, accede, acquiesce, concede, yield, submit, cede, conform, give in:
He asked for payment in advance and I consented.
2 consent to. permit, allow, agree to, give in to, approve, authorize:
Richard's parents consented to his going on the outing.
3 approval, assent, permission, sanction, authorization, imprimatur, seal of approval, Colloq OK, okay, go-ahead:
Have Richard's parents given their consent?
4 agreement, acceptance, acquiescence, compliance, approval, concurrence:
Taxes cannot be raised without the consent of Parliament.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U] ~ (to sth) permission to do sth, especially given by sb in authority: Children under 16 cannot give consent to medical treatment. + The written consent of a parent is required. + to refuse / withhold your consent + He is charged with taking a car without the owner's consent.
2 [U] agreement about sth: She was chosen as leader by common consent (= everyone agreed to the choice). + By mutual consent they didn't go out (= they both agreed not to).
3 [C] an official document giving permission for sth
+ verb
~ (to sth) (rather formal) to agree to sth or give your permission for sth: [V] When she told them what she intended they readily consented. + He reluctantly consented to his daughter's marriage. + [V to inf] She finally consented to answer our questions.
Collocation Dictionary


full | common, general, mutual | express | tacit
Your silence implies tacit consent to these proposals.
| informed
Doctors must obtain the informed consent of all patients before giving any treatment.
| prior
No action can be taken without the prior consent of the owner.
| formal, written | parental


give (sb), grant (sb)
You must give written consent before the documents can be released.
| refuse (sb), withhold | gain, get, have, obtain
Do you have the consent of your employer?
| require, seek


by (common/general/mutual) ~
The contract can only be broken by mutual consent.
| with/without sb's ~
Your property cannot be sold without your consent.
| ~ for
He gave his consent for treatment.
| ~ from
consent from the parents
| ~ to
He withheld his consent to the marriage.


the age of consent
(= the age at which sb is legally old enough to agree to have a sexual relationship)



freely | kindly
He has kindly consented to give us some of his valuable time.


Her father would not consent to the marriage.

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