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conscience /'kɔnʃns/
  • danh từ
    • lương tâm
      • bad (evil, guiltry) conscience: lương tâm tốt, lương tâm trong sạch
    • a clear consciencee laught at false accusations; a clear conscilence ia s sure card
      • lương tâm trong sạch thì chẳng sợ ai nói ra nói vào; cây ngay chẳng sợ chết đứng
    • conscience clause
      • điều khoản trong một đạo luật tôn trọng lương tâm những người liên can
    • conscience money
      • tiền nộp vì lương tâm cắn rứt; tiền trả lại vì lương tâm cắn rứt
    • for consicience' sake
      • vì lương tâm
    • the freedom (liberty) of conscience
      • tự do tín ngưỡng
    • to get something off one's conscience
      • giũ sạch điều gì khỏi lương tâm; yên tâm không băn khoăn thắc mắc về điều gì
    • to go against one's conscience
      • làm trái với lương tâm
    • a good conscience is a constant feast; a good conscience is a soft pillow
      • lòng thanh thản ăn ngon ngủ yên
    • to have something on one's conscience
      • có điều gì băn khoăn day dứt trong lương tâm
    • to have the conscience to so (say) something
      • có gan (dám) làm (nói) cái gì
    • in all conscience
      • (thông tục) chắc chắn; thành thật, hết lòng
    • to make something a matter of conscience
      • coi cái gì là có bổn phận phải làm
    • the pricks (twinges, qualms, worm) of conscience
      • (xem) prick (twinge, qualm, worm)
    • to speak (tell) one's conscience
      • nói thẳng, nói hết những ý nghĩ của mình không giấu giếm gì cả
Concise Dictionary
+motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person's thoughts and actions
+conformity to one's own sense of right conduct
+a feeling of shame when you do something immoral

Thesaurus Dictionary
morality, morals, judgement, fairness, sense of right and wrong, ethics, honour, standards, principles, scruples:
In such matters, your conscience must be your guide.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C, U] the part of your mind that tells you whether your actions are right or wrong: to have a clear / guilty conscience (= to feel that you have done right / wrong) + This is a matter of individual conscience (= everyone must make their own judgement about it). + He won't let it trouble his conscience.
2 [U, C] a feeling of guilt about sth you have done or failed to do: She was seized by a sudden pang of conscience. + I have a terrible conscience about it.
3 [U] the fact of behaving in a way that you feel is right even though this may cause problems: freedom of conscience (= the freedom to do what you believe to be right) + Emilia is the voice of conscience in the play.
Idioms: in (all / good) conscience (formal) believing your actions to be fair
We cannot in all conscience refuse to help.
on your conscience making you feel guilty for doing or failing to do sth: I'll write and apologize. I've had it on my conscience for weeks. + It's still on my conscience that I didn't warn him in time.
more at PRICK v.
Collocation Dictionary


clear, easy, good
I have a clear conscience.
| bad, guilty, terrible, troubled, uneasy | civic, moral, political, social
a government with no social conscience


He had no conscience about taking his brother's money.
| appease, ease, salve, soothe
After the feast she spent a week dieting to salve her conscience.
| prick, trouble | appeal to, arouse, rouse, stir | wrestle with
He wrestled with his conscience all night long.


trouble sb
Her conscience was troubling her a little.
| dictate sth
My conscience dictates that I resign.


on your ~
I'm sure she has something on her conscience. It was on his conscience that he hadn't called her.


a crisis of conscience, freedom of conscience, in (all/good) conscience
(= honestly)We cannot in all conscience refuse to help.
| a matter of conscience
This question is a matter of individual conscience.
| a pang/prick/twinge of conscience
I had a sudden pang of conscience that I really ought to tell the truth.
| the voice of conscience
She refused to listen to the voice of conscience.

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