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conquest /'kɔɳkwest/
  • danh từ
    • sự xâm chiếm, sự chinh phục
    • đất đai xâm chiếm được
    • người mình đã chinh phục được; người mình đã chiếm đoạt được cảm tình
    • to male a conquest of someone
      • thu phục được cảm tình của ai; thu phục được tình yêu của ai
Concise Dictionary
+the act of conquering
+success in mastering something difficult
+an act of winning the love or sexual favor of someone

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 vanquishment, subjugation, defeat, domination, subjection:
Hernando Cortés is famous for his conquest of Mexico.
2 victory, triumph, mastery, win:
He is credited with the conquest of a number of diseases by means of this drug.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [sing., U] the act of taking control of a country, city, etc. by force: the Norman Conquest (= of England in 1066)
2 [C] an area of land taken by force: the Spanish conquests in South America
3 [C] (usually humorous) a person that sb has persuaded to love them or to have sex with them: I'm just one of his many conquests. + I think you've made a conquest.
4 [U] the act of gaining control over sth that is difficult or dangerous: the conquest of inflation
Collocation Dictionary


the rapid conquest of Madrid
| military | Norman, Roman, Spanish, etc.
the Roman conquest of Britain
| sexual


The army made many conquests in the east.
| complete


by/through ~
He continued to expand his kingdom by conquest.

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