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congenial /kən'dʤi:njəl/
  • tính từ
    • cùng tính tình, cùng tính chất, hợp nhau, ăn ý nhau, thông cảm nhau, tương đắc
      • congenial souls: những tâm hồn hợp nhau
    • hợp với, thích hợp
      • do you find the climate congenial?: khí hậu có hợp với anh không?
      • congenial employment: việc làm thích hợp
Concise Dictionary
+suitable to your needs or similar to your nature
+used of plants; capable of cross-fertilization or of being grafted

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (formal)
1 (of a person) pleasant to spend time with because their interests and character are similar to your own: a congenial colleague
2 ~ (to sb) (of a place, job, etc.) pleasant because it suits your character: a congenial working environment
3 ~ (to sth) (formal) suitable for sth: a situation that was congenial to the expression of nationalist opinions

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