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conformity /kən'fɔ:miti/
  • danh từ
    • (+ to, with) sự phù hợp, sự thích hợp
    • (+ with, to) sự đúng, sự tuân theo; sự y theo
      • in conformity with the law: theo đúng luật
    • sự tuân giáo (theo giáo phái ở Anh)
Concise Dictionary
+correspondence in form or appearance
+acting according to certain accepted standards
+orthodoxy in thoughts and belief
+concurrence of opinion
+hardened conventionality

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U] ~ (to / with sth) (formal) behaviour or actions that follow the accepted rules of society
Idioms: in conformity with sth following the rules of sth; conforming to sth: regulations that are in conformity with European law
Collocation Dictionary


complete | strict | outward
a society of outward religious conformity
| political, religious, sexual, social




achieve, bring sth into, ensure
to bring national laws into conformity with European laws


in ~ with
The procedure is in strict conformity with standard international practices.
| ~ between
to achieve conformity between all the schemes
| ~ to
conformity to the accepted standards
| ~ with
We work to ensure conformity with the customer's wishes.

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