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conform /kən'fɔ:m/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (+ to) làm cho hợp với, làm cho phù hợp với, làm cho thích hợp với
    • to conform oneself to thích nghi với, thích ứng với
      • to conform oneself to a custom: thích nghi với một tục lệ
  • nội động từ
    • (+ to) theo, làm theo, tuân theo, y theo, chiếu theo
      • to conform to fashion: theo thời trang
      • to conform to the law: tuân theo pháp luật
Concise Dictionary
+be similar, be in line with
+adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 comply (with), follow, observe, obey, respect, abide by, adapt or adjust (to):
We agree to conform to the rules of the club.
2 accord (with), agree (with), concur (with), coincide (with), correspond (with), harmonize (with), square (with), match, tally (with), fit (in with), be consistent (with), be in accord or in accordance (with):
Their behaviour did not conform with what is expected in such circles. The two plans do not conform.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [V]
1 ~ (to sth) to behave and think in the same way as most other people in a group or society: There is considerable pressure on teenagers to conform. + He refused to conform to the local customs.
2 ~ to / with sth to obey a rule, law, etc.
Synonym: COMPLY
The building does not conform with safety regulations.
3 ~ to sth to agree with or match sth: Wordsworth changed the ideas of his poem to conform with his later religious and political opinions. + It did not conform to the usual stereotype of an industrial city.
Collocation Dictionary




be required to, must, should | fail to
The toys fail to conform to current safety standards.


All companies are required to conform to these rules.
| with
This equipment conforms fully with the latest safety regulations.

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