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condemn /kən'dem/
  • ngoại động từ
    • kết án, kết tội, xử, xử phạt
      • to be condemned to death: bị kết án tội tử hình
    • chỉ trích, chê trách, lên án, quy tội
      • do not condemn him before you know his motives: đừng vội chỉ trích hắn trước khi anh biết rõ động cơ của hắn
    • (nghĩa bóng) bắt buộc, ép
      • I an condemned to lie on my back another week: tôi buộc phải nằm ngửa thêm một tuần nữa
    • tịch thu (hàng lậu...)
    • thải, loại bỏ đi (đồ dùng cũ...)
    • chạy, tuyên bố hết hy vọng, tuyên bố không chữa được (người bệnh)
    • condemned cell
      • (xem) cell
Concise Dictionary
+express strong disapproval of
+declare or judge unfit
+compel or force into a particular state or activity
+demonstrate the guilt of (someone)
+pronounce a sentence on (somebody) in a court of law

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 censure, blame, criticize, remonstrate with or against, denounce, disparage, reproach, rebuke, reprove, scold, reprimand, upbraid:
The council was condemned for failing to provide adequate health care.
2 convict, find guilty; sentence, doom:
The judge condemned them to twenty years imprisonment.
3 Usually, condemned. doomed, damned, destined, fated, ordained, foreordained; consigned:
He has been condemned to wander forever.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
express disapproval
1 [VN] ~ sb/sth (for / as sth) to express very strong disapproval of sb/sth, usually for moral reasons: The government issued a statement condemning the killings. + The editor of the newspaper was condemned as lacking integrity.
sb to punishment
2 [usually passive] ~ sb (to sth) to say what sb's punishment will be
[VN] He was condemned to death for murder and later hanged. + [VN to inf] She was condemned to hang for killing her husband.
sb to difficult situation
3 [VN] [usually passive] ~ sb to sth to force sb to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation
Synonym: DOOM
They were condemned to a life of hardship. + He was condemned to spend the rest of the football season on the bench.
sth dangerous
4 [VN] [usually passive] ~ sth (as sth) to say officially that sth is not safe enough to be used: a condemned building + The meat was condemned as unfit to eat.
show guilt
5 [VN] to show or suggest that sb is guilty of sth: She is condemned out of her own mouth (= her own words show her guilt).
Collocation Dictionary


fiercely, roundly, strongly, vehemently, vigorously, vociferously | unequivocally, utterly | unanimously, universally | openly, publicly
She publicly condemned the opposition leader.


He was roundly condemned for his mistake.


be widely condemned
The action has been widely condemned by human rights groups.

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