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  • (Tech) khái niệm, quan niệm
Concise Dictionary
+an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
~ (of sth)
~ (that ...) an idea or a principle that is connected with sth ABSTRACT: the concept of social class + concepts such as 'civilization' and 'government' + He can't grasp the basic concepts of mathematics. + the concept that everyone should have equality of opportunity + a new concept in teaching
Collocation Dictionary


basic, simple | broad, general, overall, wider
‘Mental handicap’ should be replaced with the broader concept of ‘learning difficulties’.
| entire, whole
The whole concept of responsibility was alien to him.
| central, core, essential, fundamental, important, key | clear, precise | ambiguous, elusive, nebulous, vague
The concept of ‘adequate medical care’ is too vague.
| complex, difficult, sophisticated | abstract, intellectual, theoretical | alien, bizarre | underlying | useful | modern, new, novel | old-fashioned, traditional | business, design, economic, historical, legal, mathematical, political, psychological, religious, scientific


Teachers should have a clear concept of what a multiracial society is.
| grasp, understand
She finds it difficult to grasp abstract concepts.
| define, formulate, frame
the need to create new words to frame new concepts
| introduce | develop


~ of
He formulated the concept of imaginary time.

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