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comprise /kəm'praiz/
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Concise Dictionary
+be composed of
+include or contain; have as a component
+form or compose

Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN] (not used in the progressive tenses)
1 (also be comprised of) to have sb/sth as parts or members; to consist of sb/sth: The collection comprises 327 paintings. + The committee is comprised of representatives from both the public and private sectors.
2 to be the parts or members that form sth
Synonym: MAKE STH UP
Older people comprise a large proportion of those living in poverty.
comprise / compose / consist of / constitute / make up / include
When you want to mention the different parts that something is formed from, you can say that something comprises, consists of, is composed of or is made up of a number of different things: The committee comprises/consists of two lawyers, two journalists and a teacher. You can also say is comprised of, though this use is often avoided in written English. It is not correct to use comprises of or is composed by /from.
When you mention first all the parts that together form the whole, constitute, compose and make up are used. Two lawyers, two journalists and a head teacher compose/constitute the committee. Comprise can be used in this way but is less common.
You use include if you only mention some of the parts: The committee includes two lawyers.
These verbs are not used in the progressive tenses.

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