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compose /kəm'pouz/
  • động từ
    • soạn, sáng tác, làm
      • to compose a piece of music: soạn một bản nhạc
      • to compose a poem: làm một bài thơ
    • ((thường) dạng bị động) gồm có, bao gồm
      • water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen: nước gồm có hyđrô và ôxy
    • bình tĩnh lại, trấn tĩnh; chuẩn bị tư thế đĩnh đạc (để làm gì...)
      • compose yourself: anh hãy bình tĩnh lại
      • to compose one's features (countenance): giữ vẻ bình tĩnh
    • giải quyết; dàn xếp; dẹp được
      • to compose a quarrel: dàn xếp cuộc cãi nhau
    • (ngành in) sắp chữ
Concise Dictionary
+form the substance of
+write music
+produce a literary work
+put together out of existing material
+calm (someone, especially oneself); make quiet
+make up plans or basic details for

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 constitute, form, make (up), be a constituent or ingredient or component or element of, be a part of:
Clouds are composed of countless particles of water.
2 write, create, imagine, think up, originate, frame, formulate, make (up), author, devise; contrive; set to music, arrange:
He composed the poem while travelling on the Flying Scotsman. That symphony was composed in 1873.
3 be composed of. consist of or in, comprise, be formed or made (up) of, be constituted of:
The new government is composed of a coalition of three parties.
4 compose oneself. calm (down), quiet or quieten (down), pacify, control oneself, get control of or over oneself:
They stopped crying and composed themselves.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] [no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses) (formal) to combine together to form a whole: Ten men compose the committee.
2 to write music: [VN] Mozart composed his last opera shortly before he died. [also V]
3 [VN] ~ a letter / speech / poem to write a letter, etc. usually with a lot of care and thought: She composed a letter of protest.
4 [VN] [no passive] (formal) to manage to control your feelings or expression: Emma frowned, making an effort to compose herself. + I was so confused that I could hardly compose my thoughts.
See also - COMPOSURE
Collocation Dictionary


music specially composed for the occasion

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