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competitive /kəm'petitiv/
  • tính từ
    • cạnh tranh, đua tranh
      • competitive price: giá có thể cạnh tranh được (với các hàng khác)
    • competitive examination
      • cuộc thi tuyển
Concise Dictionary
+involving competition or competitiveness
+subscribing to capitalistic competition
+showing a fighting disposition

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 used to describe a situation in which people or organizations compete against each other: competitive games / sports + graduates have to fight for jobs in a highly competitive market.
2 ~ (with sb/sth) as good as or better than others: a shop selling clothes at competitive prices (= as low as any other shop) + We need to work harder to remain competitive with other companies. + to gain a competitive advantage over rival companies
3 (of a person) trying very hard to be better than others: You have to be highly competitive to do well in sport these days.
competitively adverb: competitively priced goods
competitiveness noun: an attempt to improve the competitiveness of British industry
Collocation Dictionary


be | become | remain, stay | make sth
skills training to make our industries more competitive in world markets
| keep sth


extremely, fiercely, highly, intensely, very
a fiercely competitive sport highly competitive prices a very competitive person
| fairly, quite, rather


Investment in research is needed to keep Britain competitive with countries like Japan.

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