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competent /'kɔmpitənt/
  • tính từ
    • có đủ khả năng, có đủ trình độ, thạo giỏi
      • is he competent for that sort of work?: hắn ta có đủ khả năng làm công việc đó không?
    • (pháp lý) có thẩm quyền
      • this shall be put before the competent court: việc đó sẽ được đưa ra trước toà án có thẩm quyền giải quyết
    • có thể cho phép được, tuỳ ý
      • it was competent to him to refuse: tuỳ ý nó muốn từ chối cũng được
Concise Dictionary
'kɑmpətənt /'kɒmpət(ə)nt
+properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient
+adequate for the purpose

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 adequate, suitable, sufficient, satisfactory, acceptable, all right, Colloq OK or okay:
Colquhon will make a competent bureau chief.
2 qualified, fit, capable, proficient, able, prepared:
Do you really think that fellow Johnson competent to write a dictionary?
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective ~ (to do sth)
1 having enough skill or knowledge to do sth well or to the necessary standard: Make sure the firm is competent to carry out the work. + He's very competent in his work. + a highly confident and competent teacher + I don't feel competent to comment.
2 having the power to decide sth: the case was referred to a competent authority
competently adverb: to perform competently
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel, look, seem | become | make sb
A year of college had made her more socially competent.
| consider sb, regard sb as
He was not considered competent to teach seven-year-olds.


extremely, highly, very
a small number of highly competent officials
| fully, perfectly | fairly, moderately, quite, reasonably | mentally
She was mentally competent and she had the capacity to decide for herself.
| socially, technically


She is competent in five languages.

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