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communication /kə,mju:ni'keiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự truyền đạt, sự thông tri, sự thông tin; tin tức truyền đạt; thông báo
    • sự giao thiệp, sự liên lạc
      • to get into communication with somebody: liên lạc với ai
      • to be in secret communication with the enemy: liên lạc lén lút với địch, tư thông với quân địch
    • sự giao thông, sự thông nhau
      • means of communication: phương tiện giao thông
      • there's no communication between the two rooms: hai phòng không thông nhau
    • (số nhiều) (quân sự) giao thông giữa căn cứ và mặt trận
    • communication cord
      • dây báo hãm (trên xe lửa)
    • communication trench
      • (xem) trench
Concise Dictionary
+the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information
+something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups
+a connection allowing access between persons or places

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information: Speech is the fastest method of communication between people. + All channels of communication need to be kept open. + Doctors do not always have good communication skills. + non-verbal communication + We are in regular communication by letter.
2 [U] (also communications [pl.]) methods of sending information, especially telephones, radio, computers, etc. or roads and railways: communication systems / links / technology + The new airport will improve communications between the islands. + Snow has prevented communication with the outside world for three days.
3 [C] (formal) a message, letter or telephone call: a communication from the leader of the party
Collocation Dictionary

1 act of communicating


effective, good
Good communication is important for business.
| poor | direct | open | two-way | interpersonal | regular | electronic, non-verbal, verbal, written | business


I haven't had any communication with him for several years.
| establish | facilitate, improve | prevent
measures which prevented the prisoners' communication with the outside world


break down
Communication between the two sides has broken down.


skills | breakdown


in ~ with
We are in regular communication with the kidnappers.
| ~ between
to establish direct communication between the lookout towers
| ~ by
communication by letter
| ~ with
We need better communication with clients.


a breakdown in communication(s), channels/lines of communication
to keep open the channels of communication
| a lack of communication, a means/method/system of communication
Letters are their only means of communication.

2 communications: systems for sending information


good | online | global, international | mass | radio, rail, road, telephone


have | cut off, disrupt


centre, links, network, satellite, system, technology


~ between
They tried to disrupt communications between the two headquarters.
| ~ with
Paris has good rail communications with other major cities.

3 message


formal, official


receive | send


~ about
He received an official communication about the reorganization of the Ministry.
| ~ from, ~ to
a communication from the officer to the general

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