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communicate /kə'mju:nikeit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • truyền; truyền đạt, thông tri
      • to communicate news: truyền tin
      • to communicate a disease: truyền bệnh
      • to communicate one's enthusiasm to somebody: truyền nhiệt tình cho ai
    • (tôn giáo) ban thánh thể (cho ai)
    • chia sẻ
      • to communicate something with somobody: chia sẻ cái gì với ai
  • nội động từ
    • giao thiệp, liên lạc
      • to communicate with somebody on the telephone: liên lạc với ai bằng dây nói
    • thông nhau
      • the two rooms communicate with each other: hai buồng thông nhau
    • (tôn giáo) chịu lễ ban thánh thể
Concise Dictionary
+transmit information
+transmit thoughts or feelings
+transfer to another
+join or connect
+be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas
+administer communion; in church
+receive Communion, in the Catholic church

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 make known, impart, confer, transmit, transfer, hand on or down, share, pass on or along, send on, spread; tell, divulge, disclose, reveal, announce, transmit, promulgate, proffer, tender, offer, convey, deliver, present, give, yield, supply:
Moral qualities are sometimes thought to be communicated by descent. I communicated to them the information that I had about the missiles.
2 Also, communicate with. be in communication (with), converse (with), talk (with), chat (with); correspond (with); associate (with), be in contact or touch (with), reach:
Donald and I haven't communicated in years. Instead of communicating with him by telephone, she did so via personal notices in the newspaper.
3 get or put across, make understandable; get through to, reach, be of one mind, be in tune, relate, be in or en rapport, make oneself understood, Slang be or vibrate on the same frequency or wavelength:
He has difficulty in communicating his ideas to his students. We might talk, but are we communicating?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
exchange information
1 ~ (with sb) to exchange information, news, ideas, etc. with sb: [V] We only communicate by e-mail. + They communicated in sign language. + Dolphins use sound to communicate with each other. + [VN] to communicate information / a message to sb
share ideas / feelings
2 to make your ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc. known to other people so that they understand them: [VN] He was eager to communicate his ideas to the group. + Her nervousness was communicating itself to the children. + [V] Candidates must be able to communicate effectively. [also V wh-]
3 [V] ~ (with sb) to have a good relationship because you are able to understand and talk about your own and other people's thoughts, feelings, etc: The novel is about a family who can't communicate with each other.
4 [VN] [usually passive] to pass a disease from one person, animal, etc. to another: The disease is communicated through dirty drinking water.
of two rooms
5 [V] if two rooms communicate, they are next to each other and you can get from one to the other: a communicating door (= one that connects two rooms)
Collocation Dictionary


clearly, effectively, successfully, well | directly | easily | verbally
By the age of two most children have begun to communicate verbally.
| electronically


We usually communicate by letter.
| through
We communicated through an interpreter.
| to
She is unable to communicate her ideas to other people.
| with
couples who communicate well with one another

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