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common /'kɔmən/
  • tính từ
    • chung, công, công cộng
      • a common language: ngôn ngữ chung
      • common ground: điểm chung (hai bên cùng có để đi đến chỗ thoả thuận)
      • common noun: danh từ chung
      • common multiple: (toán học) bội số chung
      • common divisor: (toán học) ước số chung
      • common property: tài sản công cộng
    • thường, thông thường, bình thường, phổ biến, phổ thông
      • common flowers: loại hoa phổ biến
      • it is common knowledge that...: điều phổ biến là..., mọi người đều biết rằng...
      • the common man: người bình thường
      • common sense: lẽ thường; lương tri
    • tầm thường; thô tục
      • a common appearance: diện mạo tầm thường
      • he is very common: hắn thô tục lắm
  • danh từ
    • đất công
    • quyền được hưởng trên đất đai của người khác
      • common of pasturage: quyền được chăn thả trên đất đai của người khác
    • sự chung, của chung
      • in common: chung, chung chạ
      • to have everything in common: chung tất cả mọi thứ
      • to have nothing in common: không có gì chung
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) những người bình dân, dân chúng
    • in commom with
      • cùng với, cũng như, giống như
    • out of the commom
      • đặc biệt khác thường
Concise Dictionary
+a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area
+belonging to or participated in by a community as a whole; public
+having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual
+common to or shared by two or more parties
+commonly encountered
+being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language
+of or associated with the great masses of people
+of low or inferior quality or value
+lacking refinement or cultivation or taste
+to be expected; standard

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 ordinary, everyday, commonplace, prosaic, usual, familiar, customary, prevalent, frequent, run-of-the-mill, general, normal, standard, conventional, regular, routine, stock, average, proverbial; plain, simple, garden-variety, common or garden, workaday, undistinguished, unexceptional:
Intermarriage is a common occurrence among the members of the sect. We planted a common variety of carrot.
2 mutual, reciprocal, joint, shared:
Our common heritage must be protected.
3 low-class, ordinary, plain, simple, plebeian, bourgeois, proletarian, run-of-the-mill, vulgar, unrefined:
Kings avoid dealing with the common people.
4 inferior, low-grade, mean, cheap, base:
He was smoking a cigar of the commonest type.
5 public, general, community, communal, collective, non-private, universal; well-known:
The contents of the library are the common property of everyone. Their romance is common knowledge in the village.
6 trite, stale, hackneyed, worn out, banal, tired, overused, stereotyped, clichéd, stereotypical:
The term 'yuppie' has become too common to have much impact any longer.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective (commoner, commonest)
Help Note: more common and most common are more frequent
1 happening often; existing in large numbers or in many places: Jackson is a common English name. + Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in this country. + Some kinds of birds which were once a common sight are now becoming rare. + a common spelling mistake + Allergies to milk are quite common in childhood.
2 [usually before noun] ~ (to sb/sth) shared by or belonging to two or more people or by the people in a group: They share a common interest in photography. + basic features which are common to all human languages + We are working together for a common purpose. + common ownership of the land + This decision was taken for the common good (= the advantage of everyone). + It is, by common consent, Scotland's prettiest coast (= everyone agrees that it is).
3 [only before noun] ordinary; not unusual or special: the common garden frog + Shakespeare's work was popular among the common people in his day. + In most people's eyes she was nothing more than a common criminal. + You'd think he'd have the common courtesy to apologize (= this would be the polite behaviour that people would expect). + It's only common decency to let her know what's happening (= people would expect it).
4 (BrE, disapproving) typical of sb from a low social class and not having good manners: She thought he was very common and uneducated.
Idioms: common or garden (BrE) (AmE garden-variety) (informal) ordinary; with no special features
the common touch the ability of a powerful or famous person to talk to and understand ordinary people
make common cause with sb (formal) to be united with sb about sth that you both agree on, believe in or wish to achieve
+ noun
1 [C] an area of open land in a town or village that anyone may use: We went for a walk on the common. + Wimbledon Common
2 (commons) [sing.] (AmE) a large room where students can eat in a school, college, etc: The commons is next to the gym.
Idioms: have sth in common (with sb) (of people) to have the same interests, ideas, etc. as sb else: Jane and I have nothing in common. / I have nothing in common with Jane.
have sth in common (with sth) (of things, places, etc.) to have the same features, characteristics, etc: The two cultures have a lot in common.
in common (technical) by everyone in a group: They hold the property as tenants in common.
in common with sb/sth (formal) in the same way as sb/sth: Britain, in common with many other industrialized countries, has experienced major changes over the last 100 years.
Collocation Dictionary

1 happening/found often


be, seem | become | remain


extremely, very | increasingly | fairly, quite
These problems now seem fairly common.

2 shared




This attitude is common to most young men in the armed services.


have sth in common
Jane and I have nothing in common (= share no interests, ideas, etc.). I have nothing in common with Jane. The two cultures have a lot in common (= have the same features, characteristics, etc.).
| hold sth in common
They hold the property as tenants in common (= they share it).
| in common with
Britain, in common with (= like)many other industrialized countries, has experienced major changes over the last 100 years.

3 showing a lack of education


be, seem, sound
I wish you wouldn't use that word?it sounds so common.


very | a bit, rather, slightly
I don't like Sandra. She seems a bit common to me.

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