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comment /'kɔment/
  • danh từ
    • lời bình luận
      • to make comments on an event: bình luận một sự kiện
    • lời chú giải, lời chú thích, lời dẫn giải
    • lời phê bình, lời chỉ trích
    • nội động từ
      • bình luận
        • to comment upon a text: bình luận một bài văn
      • chú thích, dẫn giải
      • phê bình, chỉ trích
        • to comment on (upon) someone's behaviour: phê bình của người nào
    Concise Dictionary
    +a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief
    +a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material
    +a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people
    +make or write a comment on
    +explain or interpret something
    +provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 remark, reference, animadversion, note, annotation, criticism, exposition, explanation, expansion, elucidation, clarification, footnote:
    The author's comments on his sources appear in the appendix.
    2 commentary, opinion, remark, view, observation, reaction:
    The judge's comments are not for publication.
    3 remark, observe, opine, say:
    He commented that he knew nothing about the minister's private life.
    4 comment on or about. discuss, talk about, remark on; reveal, expose:
    She declined to comment on what had happened the previous night.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [C, U] ~ (about / on sth) something that you say or write which gives an opinion on or explains sb/sth: Have you any comment to make about the cause of the disaster? + She made helpful comments on my work. + The director was not available for comment. + He handed me the document without comment. + (especially BrE) What she said was fair comment (= a reasonable criticism).
    2 [sing., U] criticism that shows the faults of sth: The results are a clear comment on government education policy. + There was a lot of comment about his behaviour.
    Idioms: no comment (said in reply to a question, usually from a journalist) I have nothing to say about that: 'Will you resign, sir?' 'No comment!'
    + verb
    ~ (on / upon sth) to express an opinion about sth: [V] I don't feel I can comment on their decision. + He refused to comment until after the trial. + We were just commenting on how well you look. + [V that] A spokesperson commented that levels of carbon dioxide were very high. + [V speech] 'Not his best performance,' she commented to the woman sitting next to her.
    Collocation Dictionary


    brief | fair, favourable
    What she said was (a) fair comment.
    | adverse, derogatory, disparaging, hostile, negative, sad, unfair, unfavourable
    The attack is a sad comment on the public's understanding of mental illness.
    | critical
    Highly critical comments have been made about the conduct of some ministers. a book with critical comment on the various strands of feminism
    | caustic, ironic, sarcastic, sardonic, scathing, wry | constructive, helpful | cryptic | incisive, interesting, perceptive, shrewd | uninformed | general | detailed | casual, off-the-cuff, passing, throwaway
    He made a few casual comments to her about her hair and now she's gone and chopped it all off! This idea deserves more than passing comment.
    | editorial, official, personal, press, public
    Editorial comment in ‘The Guardian’ tended to support the government in this matter.
    | written | political, social
    Her novels were a vehicle for shrewd social comment.


    have, make, pass
    If you have any comments, please send them to the above address. She made a cryptic comment about how the film mirrored her life. I would prefer not to pass comment before I have more information on the case.
    | attract, cause, draw, elicit, excite
    The programme attracted much adverse comment.
    | invite, welcome
    The school has invited comments from parents about the new curriculum.
    | receive
    We have received many helpful comments from fellow-sufferers.


    without ~
    She accepted his diagnosis without comment.
    | ~ about/on
    a general comment on the weather


    be available/not available/unavailable for comment
    The minister was unavailable for comment last night.
    | no comment
    When asked about the rumours, the chairman replied, ‘no comment’.
    | a source of comment
    His visits were the source of much comment.



    favourably | adversely, critically, unfavourably | bitterly | drily, wryly | publicly


    decline to, refuse to
    The minister refused to comment on the affair.


    People were commenting about her gifts and abilities.
    | on
    He commented favourably on the proposals.
    | to
    She commented to me that she liked it.

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