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commence /kə'mens/
  • động từ
    • bắt đầu, mở đầu, khởi đầu
    • trúng tuyển, đỗ
      • to commence M.A.: đỗ bằng tiến sĩ văn chương
Concise Dictionary
+take the first step or steps in carrying out an action
+set in motion, cause to start
+get off the ground

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 begin, enter upon, start, initiate, launch, embark on or upon:
Tomorrow morning, we commence the ascent of Mont Blanc.
2 begin, start, open:
The ceremonies are about to commence.
3 begin, start, initiate, launch, inaugurate, establish:
We commenced operations at this plant last year.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
~ (with sth) (formal) to begin to happen; to begin sth
Synonym: START
[V] The meeting is scheduled to commence at noon. + The day commenced with a welcome from the principal. + I will be on leave during the week commencing 15 February. + [VN] She commenced her medical career in 1956. + The company commenced operations in April. + to commence bankruptcy proceedings against sb + [V -ing] We commence building next week. [also V to inf]

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