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comic strip

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comic strip
  • truyện tranh vui trên báo
Concise Dictionary
comics|comic strip'kɒmɪk
+a professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts
+arousing or provoking laughter
+of or relating to or characteristic of comedy

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 funny, droll, comical, humorous, hilarious, side-splitting, mirthful, jocose, jocular, witty, waggish, clever, facetious, amusing:
Barry's comic routines have made him a popular performer for years.
2 See comedian.
1 order, direct, bid, enjoin, charge, request, require, demand, instruct; say, prescribe, decree:
What the Queen commands must be done.
2 control, dominate, have or maintain or wield authority or control or sway or influence over, hold sway over; lead, rule, govern, have under one's thumb, call the tune; head (up):
Whoever commands the sea commands the town. He commanded a battalion during the war.
3 master, draw upon or on, control, summon:
The work required all the skill the sculptor could command.
4 attract, earn; exact, compel, demand:
Gunga Din's bravery commanded the respect of the entire regiment.
5 dominate, control, overlook, look down on; have, enjoy, possess:
The tower commands a view of the entire valley.
6 order, direction, behest, mandate, charge, bidding, instruction:
Your wish is my command.
7 control, authority, power, sovereignty, dominion, regulation, direction, management, government, oversight, leadership, charge, sway, stewardship, jurisdiction:
The unit is under the command of the colonel.
8 mastery, control, (thorough) grasp or knowledge:
He has a good command of three languages.
Advanced English Dictionary
(also cartoon) (BrE also strip cartoon) (AmE also strip)
+ noun
a series of drawings inside boxes that tell a story and are often printed in newspapers

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