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collapse /kə'læps/
  • nội động từ
    • đổ, sập, sụp, đổ sập
      • the house collapsed: căn nhà đổ sập
    • gãy vụn, gãy tan
      • the chair collapsed: chiếc ghế gãy tan
    • suy sụp, sụp đổ
      • health collapses: sức khoẻ suy sụp
      • plan collapses: kế hoạch sụp đổ
    • sụt giá, phá giá (tiền)
    • xẹp, xì hơi (lốp xe...)
    • ngã quỵ xuống, gục (vì suy nhược)
    • méo mó, cong oằn lại (vành bánh xe)
Concise Dictionary
+an abrupt failure of function or health
+a mishap caused by something suddenly falling down or caving in
+the act of throwing yourself down
+a sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures)
+break down, literally or metaphorically
+collapse due to fatigue, an illness, or a sudden attack
+fold or close up
+fall apart
+cause to burst
+suffer a nervous breakdown
+lose significance, effectiveness, or value

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 fall (down or in or apart), crumple, cave in, deflate, crumble, tumble down, break down, go:
When he opened the valve, the balloon collapsed. Hundreds of buildings collapsed in the earthquake.
2 fail, (come to an) end, fall through, peter out, disintegrate, dissolve, fall flat, founder, come to naught or nought, break up or down; decline, diminish; disappear, evaporate, go up in smoke, go bankrupt, go under, Brit go to the wall, Colloq fizzle out:
After the imprisonment of their leader, the entire movement collapsed. Owing to the recession, many businesses collapsed.
3 pass out, faint, drop, Colloq keel over; Old-fashioned or literary swoon:
He collapsed on-stage and they took him to his dressing-room.
4 break down (mentally), have a (nervous) breakdown, go to pieces, come or fall apart, Colloq crack up, US also crack:
She finally collapsed from overwork and is now in a sanatorium.
5 cave-in, breakdown:
The collapse of the house was attributed to termites.
6 failure, downfall, ruin; disappearance, disintegration, dissolution, bankruptcy:
Will he be able to survive the collapse of his financial empire?
7 (mental) breakdown, prostration, Colloq crack-up:
He suffered a mental collapse when his family was killed in a car crash.

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