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coincide /,kouin'said/
  • nội động từ
    • trùng khớp với nhau (hai vật cùng đường diện tích, cùng đường chu vi như nhau)
    • xảy ra đồng thời; trùng với
    • hợp nhau (ý kiến, sở thích...)
    • đồng ý với nhau
Concise Dictionary
+go with, fall together
+happen simultaneously
+be the same

Thesaurus Dictionary
fall or come or go together, line up, co-occur, correspond, synchronize, match, tally, agree, (be in) accord, equal, jibe:
This year, Easter and Passover coincide. The southern boundary coincides with the Thames.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 (of two or more events) to take place at the same time: It's a pity our trips to New York don't coincide. + The strike was timed to coincide with the party conference.
2 (of ideas, opinions, etc.) to be the same or very similar: The interests of employers and employees do not always coincide. + Her story coincided exactly with her brother's.
3 (formal) (of objects or places) to meet; to share the same space: At this point the two paths coincide briefly. + The present position of the house coincides with that of an earlier dwelling.
Collocation Dictionary

1 happen at the same time


Her visit coincided exactly with a visit by the American president.
| roughly


be planned to, be timed to


The singer's arrival was timed to coincide with the opening of the festival.

2 be the same


closely | exactly


Our views on this issue coincide closely with yours.

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