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coil /kɔil/
  • danh từ
    • cuộn
      • a coil of rope: cuộn thừng
    • vòng, cuộn (con rắn...)
    • mớ tóc quăn
    • (điện học) cuộn (dây)
    • (kỹ thuật) ống xoắn ruột gà
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ), (thơ ca) sự thăng trầm, sóng gió (của cuộc đời)
    • động từ
      • cuộn, quấn
        • the snake coiled up in the sun: con rắn nằm cuộn tròn dưới ánh mặt trời
        • to coil oneself in bed: nằm cuộn tròn trong giường, nằm co con tôm trong giường
        • the snake coiled [itself] round the branch: con rắn quấn quanh cành cây
      • quanh co, uốn khúc, ngoằn ngoèo
    Concise Dictionary
    +a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops
    +a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)
    +a transformer that supplies high voltage to spark plugs in a gasoline engine
    +a contraceptive device placed inside a woman's womb
    +tubing that is wound in a spiral
    +reactor consisting of a spiral of insulated wire that introduces inductance into a circuit
    +to wind or move in a spiral course
    +make without a potter's wheel
    +wind around something in coils or loops

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 wind, twist, coil, snake, wrap, enwrap, spiral, Nautical fake or flake (down):
    The rope is coiled round a capstan.
    2 winding(s), circle(s), loop, whorl, spiral, helix, twist:
    His foot caught in the coil of rope and he was carried overboard.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    ~ (sth) round, around, etc. sth
    ~ (sth) up to wind into a series of circles; to make sth do this: [V, +adv./prep.] The snake coiled up, ready to strike. + Mist coiled around the tops of the hills. + [VN] to coil a rope into a loop + Her hair was coiled on top of her head. + a coiled spring
    + noun
    1 a series of circles formed by winding up a length of rope, wire, etc: a coil of wire
    2 one circle of rope, wire, etc. in a series: Shake the rope and let the coils unwind. + a snake's coils
    3 a length of wire, wound into circles, that can carry electricity
    4 = IUD
    Collocation Dictionary


    neat, tight | thick
    thick coils of blonde hair




    in a ~
    She wore her hair in a neat coil.
    | ~ of
    a coil of rope

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