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coax /kouks/
  • động từ
    • dỗ, dỗ ngọt, nói ngọt, vỗ về, tán tỉnh
      • to coax a child to take his medicine: dỗ đứa trẻ uống thuốc
      • to coax something out of somebody: dỗ ngọt được của ai cái gì, tán tỉnh được cái gì của ai
      • to coax somebody into doing something: tán ai làm gì
      • to coax fire to light: cời lửa cho cháy
      • to coax key into lock: lựa khoá vào ổ
Concise Dictionary
+a transmission line for high-frequency signals
+influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
Thesaurus Dictionary
persuade, urge, wheedle, cajole, beguile, charm, inveigle, jolly, manipulate:
She coaxed me into spending a weekend with her at Blackpool.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
~ sb (into doing sth)
~ sb (into / out of sth) to persuade sb to do sth by talking to them in a kind and gentle way: [VN] She coaxed the horse into coming a little closer. + He was coaxed out of retirement to help the failing company. + She had to coax the car along. + Police managed to coax the man down from the ledge. + [V speech] 'Nearly there,' she coaxed. [also VN speech]
Phrasal Verbs: coax sth out of / from sb to gently persuade sb to do sth or give you sth: The director coaxed a brilliant performance out of the cast.
Collocation Dictionary




try to | manage to | fail to


He could coax tears and laughter from his audience.
| into
He gently coaxed life back into my frozen toes.
| out of
She never failed to coax good results out of her pupils.

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