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clearance /'kliərəns/
  • danh từ
    • sự dọn quang
    • (hàng hải) sự rời bến, sự thanh toán các khoản thuế để rời bến
      • certificate of clearance: giấy phép rời bến
    • khoảng hở, khoảng trống; độ hở, độ trống
    • phép nghỉ, phép giải ngũ, phép thôi việc
    • (tài chính) sự chuyển (séc)
Concise Dictionary
+the distance by which one thing clears another; the space between them
+vertical space available to allow easy passage under something
+permission to proceed

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 space, gap, hole, interval, separation, room, margin, leeway, allowance:
You must allow a clearance of 2 millimetres.
2 approval, endorsement, authorization, consent; licence, leave, permission:
He cannot get security clearance with his prison record.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C, U] the removal of things that are not wanted: There were forest clearances in Java thousands of years ago. + slum clearance (= the removal of houses that are in very bad condition in an area of a town) + Landscape gardeners have begun a clearance of the overgrown ground to make way for a new park. + a clearance sale (= in a shop / store, when goods are sold cheaply to get rid of them quickly)
2 [U, C] the amount of space or distance that is needed between two objects so that they do not touch each other: There is not much clearance for vehicles passing under this bridge. + a clearance of one metre
3 [U, C] official permission that is given to sb before they can work somewhere, have particular information, or do sth they want to do: I'm waiting for clearance from headquarters. + All employees at the submarine base require security clearance.
4 [U] official permission for a person or vehicle to enter or leave an airport or a country: The pilot was waiting for clearance for take-off. + How long will customs clearance take?
5 [U, C] the process of a cheque being paid by a bank: Clearance will take seven days.
6 [C] a clearance in football and some other sports is when a player kicks or hits the ball away from the goal of his or her own team
Collocation Dictionary

1 removal of sth old/unwanted


forest, land, site, slum


work | sale
(= in a shop when goods are sold cheaply to get rid of them quickly)

2 official permission


official | customs, diplomatic, entry, security


get, obtain, receive
You'll need to get security clearance for this job.
| apply for, seek | give sb, grant sb
The pilot was granted clearance to land.
| refuse sb

3 distance between sth and sth passing under/beside it


We need to increase the vehicle's ground clearance.


allow (sb/sth), give sb/sth, leave
Make sure you allow enough clearance on each side. Always give cyclists plenty of clearance.


~ above
clearance above the light to prevent overheating
| ~ between
There wasn't enough clearance between the bus and the top of the bridge.

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