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clean /kli:n/
  • tính từ
    • sạch, sạch sẽ
      • a clean boy: đứa trẻ sạch sẽ
      • a clean room: căn phòng sạch sẽ
    • (nghĩa bóng) trong sạch không tội lỗi
      • a clean life: cuộc sống trong sạch
    • không lỗi, dễ đọc (bản in)
    • thẳng, không có mấu; không nham nhở
      • a sharp knife makes a clean cut: dao bén cắt thẳng
      • clean wood: gỗ không có mấu
    • cân đối, đẹp
      • clean line: đường nét đẹp cân đối
      • clean limbs: chân tay cân đối
    • nhanh, khéo gọn
      • a clean blow: cú đấm gọn
    • (kinh thánh) không bị ô uế; không bệnh tật
    • có thể ăn thịt được
    • as clean as new pin
      • sạch như chùi
    • clean tongue
      • cách ăn nói nhã nhặn
    • clean slate
      • (nghĩa bóng) tình trạng không một tí gì ràng buộc
    • to have clean hands in the matter
      • không dính líu gì về việc đó
    • to make a clean breast of
      • (xem) breast
    • to make a clean sweep of
      • quét sạch, hoàn toàn xoá bỏ
    • to show a clean pair of heels
      • (xem) heel
  • danh từ
    • sự lau sạch, sự rửa sạch, sự quét sạch
      • give it a good clean: lau cái đó cho thật sạch đi
  • phó từ
    • hoàn toàn, hẳn
      • I clean forget about it: tôi quên hẳn chuyện đó
      • they got clean away: chúng đi mất, hoàn toàn không để lại dấu vết gì
    • sạch, sạch sẽ
      • to scrub the floor clean: cọ sạch sàn
  • ngoại động từ
    • lau chùi, rửa sạch, cạo sạch, đánh sạch, tẩy sạch, vét sạch, quét sạch
      • to clean clothes: tẩy quần áo
      • to clean a road: quét đường
      • to clean a pot: cạo nồi, đánh nồi
      • to clean a well: vét giếng
      • to clean a room: quét dọn phòng
      • to clean one's teeth: đánh răng
      • to clean a piece of land: giẫy cỏ một mảnh đất
      • to clean oil: lọc dầu
      • to clean a wound: rửa sạch vết thương
      • to clean a channel: nạo vét kênh
      • to clean a fish: moi ruột cá
      • to clean vegetables: nhặt rau
    • to clean down
      • chải (ngựa); làm cho sạch, quét sạch (tường...)
    • to clean out
      • cạo, nạo, dọn sạch, làm cho sạch
    • to clean out a drawer: dọn sạch ngăn kéo
    • to clean out someone: (từ lóng) bóc lột hết tiền của ai; bòn hết tiền của ai
    • to clean up
      • dọn, dọn dẹp, dọn vệ sinh; sắp xếp gọn ghẽ
    • to clean up a room: dọn vệ sinh phòng
    • hoàn thành công việc
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), lóng vớ được món tiền lớn
    • to be cleaned out
      • nhẵn túi, cháy túi, sạch túi, bị bòn rút hết
Concise Dictionary
+a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead
+make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from
+remove unwanted substances from, such as feathers or pits
+clean and tidy up the house
+clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing
+be cleanable
+deprive wholly of money in a gambling game, robbery, etc.
+remove all contents or possession from, or empty completely
+remove while making clean
+remove unwanted substances from
+remove shells or husks from
+free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits
+free of restrictions or qualifications
+(of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims
+free from impurities
+without difficulties or problems
+ritually clean or pure
+not spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination
+(of behavior or especially language) free from objectionable elements; fit for all observers
+free from sepsis or infection
+morally pure
+(of a manuscript) having few alterations or corrections
+(of a surface) not written or printed on
+exhibiting or calling for sportsmanship or fair play
+thorough and without qualification
+(of a record) having no marks of discredit or offense
+not carrying concealed weapons
+free from clumsiness; precisely or deftly executed
+free of drugs
+completely; used as intensifiers
+in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 pure, undefiled, unsullied, unmixed, unadulterated, uncontaminated, unpolluted, uninfected, unspoiled or unspoilt, sanitary, disinfected; antiseptic, decontaminated, purified, sterile:
The laboratory reports that our well water is absolutely clean. You must use a clean bandage.
2 unsoiled, untainted, unstained; unsullied; cleansed, cleanly, (freshly) laundered or washed, scrubbed; spotless, immaculate:
She puts on clean underwear every day in case she's involved in an accident.
3 clean-cut, neat, simple, definite, uncomplicated, smooth, even, straight, trim, tidy:
The edges of the fracture are clean and will mend quickly.
4 innocent, blameless, inoffensive, respectable; decent, chaste, pure, honourable, good, undefiled, virtuous, moral:
The suspect was completely clean - he was out of town at the time of the robbery.
5 non-radioactive:
They say they've produced a clean bomb, but I don't believe it.
6 unarmed, weaponless:
Frisk that suspect and make sure he's clean.
7 completely, entirely, thoroughly, fully, totally, wholly, altogether, quite, utterly, absolutely:
Geoff's clean out of his mind if he believes that. With one blow he cut the orange clean through.
8 come clean. confess, acknowledge, make a clean breast, admit, make a revelation, reveal, Colloq own up, spill the beans; US dialect fess up; Slang sing:
In the end he saw that he was trapped and decided to come clean.
9 cleanse, wash, lave, (take a) shower, sponge, mop, scrub, scour, sweep, dust, vacuum, polish, launder, dry-clean, Brit hoover; tidy, neaten, do up, straighten up or out, unclutter; Brit bath; US and Canadian bathe:
When we cleaned the urn, we could read the inscription. I have told Richard a thousand times to clean his room.
10 clean out.
(a) exhaust, deplete:
The gambler cleaned her out of every penny she had in the world.
(b) empty, leave bare, clear out, evacuate:
We must clean out the larder before it can be painted.
11 clean up.
(a) clean, cleanse, wash, (take a) shower, Brit bath; US take a bath, bathe, wash up:
Clean up, please, dinner is almost ready. It took us a week to clean up the stables.
(b) purge, purify, disinfect, depollute, decontaminate, clear, sanitize:
The council has led the way towards cleaning up the wetlands of chemical waste.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, verb, adverb, noun
+ adjective (cleaner, cleanest)
not dirty
1 not dirty: Are your hands clean? + to wipe / brush sth clean + The hotel was spotlessly (= extremely) clean. + (BrE) It is your responsibility to keep the room clean and tidy. + (AmE) Keep your room neat and clean. + I can't find a clean shirt (= one I haven't worn since it was washed).
2 having a clean appearance and clean surroundings: Cats are very clean animals.
not harmful
3 free from harmful or unpleasant substances: clean drinking water + clean air + We all want a cleaner environment but who is going to pay for it? + the cleaner cars of the future (= not producing so many harmful substances) + Electric buses are a clean, environmentally friendly way to travel.
4 [usually before noun] with nothing written on it: a clean sheet of paper
not offensive
5 not offensive or referring to sex; not doing anything that is considered immoral or bad: The entertainment was good clean fun for the whole family. + Keep the jokes clean please! + The sport has a very clean image.
not illegal
6 not showing or having any record of doing sth that is against the law: a clean driving licence / driver's license + a clean police record
7 (slang) not owning or carrying anything illegal such as drugs or weapons: The police searched her but she was clean.
8 played or done in a fair way and within the rules: It was a tough but clean game.
smooth / simple
9 having a smooth edge, surface or shape; simple and regular: A sharp knife makes a clean cut. + a modern design with clean lines and a bright appearance
10 done in a skilful and accurate way: The plane made a clean take-off.
taste / smell
11 tasting, smelling or looking pleasant and fresh: The wine has a clean taste and a lovely golden colour.
Compare: UNCLEAN
Idioms: as clean as a whistle (informal) very clean
a clean bill of health a report that says sb is healthy or that sth is in good condition: Doctors gave him a clean bill of health after a series of tests and examinations. + The building was given a clean bill of health by the surveyor.
a clean break
1 a complete separation from a person, an organization, a way of life, etc: She wanted to make a clean break with the past.
2 a break in a bone in one place
a clean sheet / slate a record of your work or behaviour that does not show any mistakes or bad things that you have done: No government operates with a completely clean sheet. + They kept a clean sheet in the match (= no goals were scored against them).
make a clean breast of sth to tell the truth about sth so that you no longer feel guilty: He made a clean breast of everything and admitted taking the money.
make a clean sweep (of sth)
1 to remove all the people or things from an organization that are thought to be unnecessary or need changing: The new manager made a clean sweep of the department.
2 to win all the prizes or parts of a game or competition; to win an election completely: China made a clean sweep of the medals in the gymnastics events. + The opinion poll suggests a clean sweep for the Democrats.
more at NOSE n., WIPE v.
+ verb
1 to make sth free from dirt or dust by washing or rubbing it: [VN] to clean the windows / bath / floor + to clean a wound + Have you cleaned your teeth? + The villa is cleaned twice a week. + [V] I spent all day cooking and cleaning.
2 [V] to become clean: This oven cleans easily (= is easy to clean).
3 [VN] = DRY-CLEAN: This coat is filthy. I'll have it cleaned.
4 [VN] to remove the inside parts of a fish, chicken, etc. before you cook it: Clean the fish and remove the backbone.
Idioms: clean house (AmE)
1 to remove people or things that are not necessary or wanted: The new manager said he wanted to clean house.
2 to make your house clean
clean up your act (informal) to start behaving in a moral or responsible way: He cleaned up his act and came off drugs.
Phrasal Verbs: clean sth<->down to clean sth thoroughly: All the equipment should be cleaned down regularly.
clean sth off / from sth
clean sth<->off to remove sth from sth by brushing, rubbing, etc: I cleaned the mud off my shoes.
clean sth<->out to clean the inside of sth thoroughly: I must clean the fish tank out.
clean sb out (informal) to use all of sb's money: Paying for all those drinks has cleaned me out.
clean sb/sth out (informal) to steal everything from a person or place: The burglars totally cleaned her out.
clean (yourself) up (informal) to make yourself clean, usually by washing: I need to change and clean up. + Go and clean yourself up. + You'd better get cleaned up.
related noun CLEAN-UP
clean up
clean sth<->up
1 to remove dirt, etc. from somewhere: He always expected other people to clean up after him (= when he had made the place dirty or untidy). + Who's going to clean up this mess? + to clean up beaches after an oil spillage + a commitment to clean up the environment + It took me the rest of the day to clean (the place) up.
related noun CLEAN-UP
2 (informal) to win or make a lot of money: This film should clean up at the box offices.
clean sth<->up to remove crime and immoral behaviour from a place or an activity: The new mayor is determined to clean up the city. + Soccer needs to clean up its image.
related noun CLEAN-UP
+ adverb (informal) used to emphasize that an action takes place completely: The thief got clean away. + I clean forgot about calling him.
Idioms: come clean (with sb) (about sth) to admit and explain sth that you have kept as a secret: Isn't it time the government came clean about their plans for education?
+ noun [sing.] the act or process of cleaning sth: The house needed a good clean.(also clean) + verb
[VN] to clean clothes using chemicals instead of water: This garment must be dry-cleaned only.
dry-cleaning noun [U]
Collocation Dictionary


effectively, well
This product cleans baths very effectively.
| properly, thoroughly
I clean the house thoroughly once a week.
| carefully, gently
He gently cleaned the wound and dressed it.
| out, up
I cleaned out all the cupboards.


I cleaned the mud off the kitchen floor.
| with
Clean the glass with a soft cloth.


need cleaning
Your shoes need cleaning!



be, look, seem, smell
The room smelled clean and fresh.
| stay
The bathroom doesn't stay clean for long.
| brush sth, get sth, scrape sth, scrub sth, wipe sth
scrubbing the floor to get it clean She wiped all the surfaces clean.
| leave sth
Please leave the kitchen clean.
| keep sth
You're supposed to keep your room clean.


extremely, very | spotlessly
The whole house was spotlessly clean.
| almost, nearly
It's almost clean. I've just got to wipe the table.
| fairly, pretty, quite


clean and tidy
Is your room clean and tidy now?
| lovely and clean
The water was lovely and clean.

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