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chivalry /'ʃivəlri/
  • danh từ
    • phong cách hiệp sĩ
    • tinh thần thượng võ
    • những hiệp sĩ; những người hào hoa phong nhã
    • tác phong lịch sự đối với phụ nữ
Concise Dictionary
+courtesy towards women
+the medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct

Thesaurus Dictionary
knight-errantry; honour, bravery, courage, courtesy, politeness, courtliness, gallantry, nobility, virtuousness, righteousness, justness, fairness, impartiality, equitableness:
All the noble sentiments blended together constitute chivalry.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 polite and kind behaviour that shows a sense of honour, especially by men towards women
2 (in the Middle Ages) the religious and moral system of behaviour which the perfect KNIGHT was expected to follow: the age of chivalry

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