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child /tʃaild/
  • danh từ, số nhiều children
    • đứa bé, đứa trẻ
    • đứa con
    • (nghĩa bóng) kết quả, hậu quả, sản phẩm
      • sin is often the child of idleness: tội lỗi thường là do vô công rỗi nghề mà sinh ra
    • người lớn mà tính như trẻ con
    • to be far gone with child
      • có mang sắp đến tháng đẻ
    • burnt child dreads the fire
      • (xem) fire
    • this child
      • (từ lóng) bõ già này
    • from a child
      • từ lúc còn thơ
Concise Dictionary
+a young person of either sex
+a human offspring (son or daughter) of any age
+an immature childish person
+a member of a clan or tribe

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 offspring, descendant, son or daughter, little one, youngster, Formal progeny, issue, Colloq kid, nipper, Slang Brit sprog:
How many children do you have?
2 foetus, newborn, neonate, infant, baby, babe, toddler, boy or girl, lad or lass, stripling, youngster, youth, juvenile, adolescent, teenager, young man or woman, young gentleman or lady, Chiefly Scots laddie or lassie:
No children were born in the village for five years.
These miscreants are mere children, who should not be punished as adults.
infancy, babyhood, boyhood or girlhood, youth, puberty, minority, adolescence, teens:
During her childhood the family moved to Kent.
She spent most of her childhood dreaming about travelling to the moon.
childlike, juvenile, puerile, infantile, babyish; immature, inexperienced, naïve, undeveloped, underdeveloped, retarded; silly, US sophomoric:
They thought his reaction to their criticism was childish and petulant.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 a young human being who is not yet an adult: a child of three / a three-year-old child + men, women and children + an unborn child + not suitable for young children + I lived in London as a child. + a child star
2 a son or daughter of any age: They have three grown-up children. + a support group for adult children of alcoholics
Compare: KID
3 a person who is strongly influenced by the ideas and attitudes of a particular time or person: a child of the 90s
4 (disapproving) an adult who behaves like a child and is not MATURE or responsible
Idioms: be with child (old-fashioned) to be pregnant
be child's play (informal) to be very easy to do, so not even a child would find it difficult
Collocation Dictionary


little, small, young
My father died while I was still a small child.
| teenage
We've got three teenage children.
| good, obedient, well-behaved | delinquent, difficult, disobedient, fractious, mischievous, naughty, problem, sulky, unruly, wayward, wilful
She works in a centre for delinquent children. He's always been a problem child. The children were quite unruly and ran around the house as if they owned it.
| bright, gifted, intelligent, precocious
a school for gifted children What a precocious child?reading Jane Austen at the age of ten!
| dull, slow
Teaching is particularly difficult when a class contains both slow and bright children.
| well-cared for | abandoned, abused, neglected
therapy for sexually abused children
| sickly | loving | only
It was a bit lonely being an only child.
| fatherless, motherless | illegitimate | unborn
an organization that campaigns for the rights of the unborn child
| dependent
tax concessions for families with dependent children
| street
There are a lot of street children in the poorer parts of the city.


How many children have you got?
| give birth to, have
She didn't have her first child until she was nearly forty.
| conceive
We had trouble conceiving our first child.
| expect
They are expecting a child in June.
| adopt | bring up, raise, rear
He had old-fashioned ideas on how to bring up children.
| indulge, pamper, spoil
You can't spoil a child by giving it all the affection it wants.
| abduct | abandon


be born
Their first child was born with a rare heart condition.
| develop, grow (up)
Children grow up so quickly! good food for growing children
| cry, scream, whimper, whine | misbehave


actor, bride | welfare


with ~
(literary) big with child (= pregnant)

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