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cheer /tʃiə/
  • danh từ
    • sự vui vẻ, sự khoái trá
    • sự cổ vũ, sự khuyến khích
      • words of cheer: những lời khuyến khích
    • sự hoan hô; tiêng hoan hô
      • to give three cheers for: hoan hô (ai) ba lần
    • đồ ăn ngon, món ăn thịnh soạn
      • to make good cheer: ăn món ăn thịnh soạn, ăn uống linh đình
    • khí sắc; thể trạng
      • what cheer this morning?: sáng nay anh thấy thể trạng thế nào?, sáng nay anh cảm thấy trong người thế nào?
    • to be good cheer!
      • cố gắng lên!; đừng nản, hãy can đảm lên!
    • to be of good cheer
      • đầy dũng cảm; đầy hy vọng
    • the fewer the better cheer
      • càng ít người càng được ăn nhiều
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm vui mừng, làm phấn khởi; làm hớn hở ((cũng) cheer up)
    • (+ on) khích lệ, cổ vũ
      • to cheer someone on: khích lệ ai, cổ vũ ai
    • hoan hô, tung hô
      • speaker was cheered loudly: diễn giả được hoan hô nhiệt liệt
  • nội động từ
    • vui, mừng, khoái, thích
    • (+ up) phấn khởi, phấn chấn, hớn hở, vui vẻ lên, hăng hái lên
      • cheer up, boys!: vui vẻ lên, hăng hái lên nào các cậu!
    • hoan hô, vỗ tay hoan hô
Concise Dictionary
+a cry or shout of approval
+the quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom
+give encouragement to
+show approval or good wishes by shouting
+cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful
+become cheerful
+urge on or encourage especially by shouts

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 disposition, frame of mind, spirit:
They were of good cheer, considering their predicament.
2 cheerfulness, gladness, mirth, joy, gaiety, blitheness, happiness, buoyancy, light-heartedness, merrymaking:
There wasn't much cheer at the pub when we learnt of what had befallen poor Grover.
3 comfort, solace, encouragement, consolation:
She brought in a little breath of cheer from the outside world.
4 shout, cry, hurrah, rah, huzzah, hurray or hooray:
Three cheers for Penelope!
5 comfort, console, solace, encourage, inspirit, warm, Colloq buck up:
Your friendly note cheered me considerably.
6 gladden, enliven, cheer up, hearten, buoy up, brighten, elate, brighten, uplift, lift up:
Let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth.
7 applaud, shout, hurrah, clap, yell; Colloq Brit and Australian and New Zealand barrack for:
The crowd cheered for five minutes when Mr Flews stood to speak.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ exclamation
1 a word that people say to each other as they lift up their glasses to drink
2 (BrE, informal) goodbye: Cheers then. See you later.
3 (BrE, informal) thank you

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