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cheap /tʃi:p/
  • tính từ
    • rẻ, rẻ tiền; đi tàu xe hạng ít tiền
      • cheap seats: chỗ ngồi rẻ tiền
      • cheap music: âm nhạc rẻ tiền
      • a cheap jest: trò đùa rẻ tiền
      • cheap trip: cuộc đi chơi bằng tàu xe hạng ít tiền
      • cheap tripper: người đi chơi bằng tàu xe hạng ít tiền
    • ít giá trị, xấu
    • hời hợt không thành thật
      • cheap flattery: sự tâng bốc không thành thật
    • cheapest is the dearest
      • (tục ngữ) của rẻ là của ôi
    • to feel cheap
      • (từ lóng) thấy khó chịu, thấy khó ở
    • to hold someone cheap
      • khinh ai, coi thường ai
    • to make oneself cheap
      • ăn ở không ra gì để cho người ta khinh
  • phó từ
    • rẻ, rẻ mạt; hạ, hạ giá
      • to get (buy) something cheap: mua vật gì rẻ
      • to sell something cheap: bán vật gì rẻ
  • danh từ
    • on the cheap rẻ, rẻ tiền
Concise Dictionary
+relatively low in price or charging low prices
+tastelessly showy
+of very poor quality; flimsy
+embarrassingly stingy

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 inexpensive, low-priced, bargain-priced, low-cost, sale-priced, cut-price, reasonable; economy, budget(-priced):
He was chewing on a cheap cigar. Everything used to be a lot cheaper when I was younger.
2 economical; reduced:
Eggs are cheaper by the dozen.
3 shoddy, base, shabby, tawdry, sleazy, tatty, seedy; inferior, low-grade, poor, second-rate, trashy, worthless, Brit twopenny or tuppenny; Colloq tacky, Brit tinpot, Slang US two-bit, lousy, chintzy:
Those cheap pictures ruin the look of the place.
4 stingy, miserly, penurious, niggardly, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, frugal, tight, tight-fisted, Scrooge-like, skinflinty:
That cheap brother of yours wouldn't give even a penny to a beggar.
5 inexpensively, cheaply, for a song, Brit for twopence or tuppence:
You can buy those cheap from any street vendor.
6 cheaply, easily, reasonably, for a song, Brit for twopence or tuppence:
She has sold cheap that which she holds most dear.
7 on the cheap. inexpensively, reasonably, cheaply, at or below cost, for a song, Brit for twopence or tuppence; Slang for peanuts:
We buy these watches on the cheap and sell them to tourists.

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