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cheap /tʃi:p/
  • tính từ
    • rẻ, rẻ tiền; đi tàu xe hạng ít tiền
      • cheap seats: chỗ ngồi rẻ tiền
      • cheap music: âm nhạc rẻ tiền
      • a cheap jest: trò đùa rẻ tiền
      • cheap trip: cuộc đi chơi bằng tàu xe hạng ít tiền
      • cheap tripper: người đi chơi bằng tàu xe hạng ít tiền
    • ít giá trị, xấu
    • hời hợt không thành thật
      • cheap flattery: sự tâng bốc không thành thật
    • cheapest is the dearest
      • (tục ngữ) của rẻ là của ôi
    • to feel cheap
      • (từ lóng) thấy khó chịu, thấy khó ở
    • to hold someone cheap
      • khinh ai, coi thường ai
    • to make oneself cheap
      • ăn ở không ra gì để cho người ta khinh
  • phó từ
    • rẻ, rẻ mạt; hạ, hạ giá
      • to get (buy) something cheap: mua vật gì rẻ
      • to sell something cheap: bán vật gì rẻ
  • danh từ
    • on the cheap rẻ, rẻ tiền
Concise Dictionary
+relatively low in price or charging low prices
+tastelessly showy
+of very poor quality; flimsy
+embarrassingly stingy

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 inexpensive, low-priced, bargain-priced, low-cost, sale-priced, cut-price, reasonable; economy, budget(-priced):
He was chewing on a cheap cigar. Everything used to be a lot cheaper when I was younger.
2 economical; reduced:
Eggs are cheaper by the dozen.
3 shoddy, base, shabby, tawdry, sleazy, tatty, seedy; inferior, low-grade, poor, second-rate, trashy, worthless, Brit twopenny or tuppenny; Colloq tacky, Brit tinpot, Slang US two-bit, lousy, chintzy:
Those cheap pictures ruin the look of the place.
4 stingy, miserly, penurious, niggardly, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, frugal, tight, tight-fisted, Scrooge-like, skinflinty:
That cheap brother of yours wouldn't give even a penny to a beggar.
5 inexpensively, cheaply, for a song, Brit for twopence or tuppence:
You can buy those cheap from any street vendor.
6 cheaply, easily, reasonably, for a song, Brit for twopence or tuppence:
She has sold cheap that which she holds most dear.
7 on the cheap. inexpensively, reasonably, cheaply, at or below cost, for a song, Brit for twopence or tuppence; Slang for peanuts:
We buy these watches on the cheap and sell them to tourists.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, adverb
+ adjective (cheaper, cheapest)
low price
1 costing little money or less money than you expected: cheap fares + Personal computers are cheap and getting cheaper. + Cycling is a cheap way to get around. + A good education is not cheap. + (BrE) Calls cost 36p a minute cheap rate. + The printer isn't exactly cheap at £200. + immigrant workers, used as a source of cheap labour (= workers who are paid very little, especially unfairly)
See also - DIRT CHEAP
2 charging low prices: a cheap restaurant / hotel + a cheap taxi firm + (BrE) We found a cheap and cheerful cafe (= one that is simple and charges low prices but is pleasant). + Italy is a very cheap country to visit.
poor quality
3 (disapproving) low in price and quality: cheap perfume / jewellery / shoes + (BrE) a cheap and nasty bottle of wine
4 unpleasant or unkind and rather obvious: I was tired of his cheap jokes at my expense. + a comedian who is always looking for cheap laughs + to score a cheap political advantage
low status
5 (disapproving) having a low status and therefore not deserving respect: He's just a cheap crook. + His treatment of her made her feel cheap (= ashamed, because she had lost her respect for herself).
not generous
6 (AmE) (BrE mean) (informal, disapproving) not liking to spend money: Don't be so cheap!
cheapness noun [U]
Idioms: cheap at the price (BrE) (AmE cheap at twice the price) so good or useful that the cost does not seem too much: To buy all the recommended equipment is expensive, but as an investment for the future it is cheap at the price.
on the cheap spending less money than you usually need to spend to do sth: a guide to decorating your house on the cheap + to acquire valuable works of art on the cheap
more at LIFE
+ adverb (comparative cheaper no superlative) (informal) for a low price: I got this dress cheap in a sale.
Idioms: be going cheap to be offered for sale at a lower price than usual: Look in the paper to see if there are any computers going cheap.
sth does not come cheap something is expensive: Violins like this don't come cheap.
Collocation Dictionary
adj | adv

1 low price


be, be going
a brand new radio going cheap
| buy sth, sell sth
They're selling fabrics cheap this week.
| not come
Shoes like that don't come cheap.


amazingly, extremely, incredibly, remarkably, ridiculously, very
It's a good restaurant, and incredibly cheap.
| comparatively, fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively | hardly, not exactly
At £60,000 the car is not exactly cheap (= it is very expensive).
| suspiciously
The watch was suspiciously cheap; it was probably a fake.
| buy/get sth on the cheap
The school managed to get a couple of computers on the cheap.

2 poor quality


be, look
The glasses are plain without looking cheap.


cheap and nasty
cheap and nasty products with brand names you've never heard of

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