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charity /'tʃæriti/
  • danh từ
    • lòng nhân đức, lòng từ thiện; lòng thảo
    • lòng khoan dung
    • hội từ thiện; tổ chức cứu tế
      • board of charity: sở cứu tế
    • việc thiện; sự bố thí, sự cứu tế
      • charity fund: quỹ cứu tế
    • (số nhiều) của bố thí, của cứu tế
    • charity begins at home
      • trước khi thương người hãy thương lấy người nhà mình
    • sister of charity
      • bà phước
Concise Dictionary
+a foundation created to promote the public good (not for assistance to any particular individuals)
+a kindly and lenient attitude toward people
+an activity or gift that benefits the public at large
+pinnate-leaved European perennial having bright blue or white flowers
+an institution set up to provide help to the needy

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 generosity, alms-giving, munificence, liberality, open-handedness, magnanimity, beneficence, philanthropy, unselfishness, humanity, humanitarianism, good will:
Your charity towards this hospital has been unequalled by any other donor, Sir Keith.
2 leniency, big-heartedness, large-heartedness, benevolence, magnanimity, indulgence, considerateness, consideration, compassion, understanding, sympathy, kind-heartedness:
We are all urged to show charity towards those who wrong us.
3 alms, donation, contribution, largesse, Colloq Brit dole, US welfare, relief:
I want the opportunity to work, not the government's charity.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural charities)
1 [C] an organization for helping people in need: Many charities sent money to help the victims of the famine. + The concert will raise money for local charities.
2 [U] the aim of giving money, food, help, etc. to people who are in need: Most of the runners in the London Marathon are raising money for charity. + Do you give much to charity? + a charity concert (= organized to get money for charity) + to live on / off charity (= to live on money which other people give you because you are poor)
3 [U] (formal) kindness and sympathy towards other people, especially when you are judging them: Her article showed no charity towards her former friends.
Idioms: charity begins at home (saying) you should help and care for your own family, etc. before you start helping other people
Collocation Dictionary


local, national | registered | private | animal, cancer, conservation, educational, housing, medical


donate (money) to, give (money) to, support | go to
All the proceeds from the sale will go to charity.
| ask for | accept
They are proud people who don't accept charity.
| depend on, live on
They have no money and are forced to live on charity.


appeal, auction, ball, concert, event, match, show | school | shop | work | worker


for ~
The school raised over a hundred pounds for charity.
| ~ for
a charity for sick children


an act of charity

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